Containment Random Chris Updates - (since April 15 2020, Chris has been role-playing as Sonichu)


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Chris-Chan's slender teenage figure



You expect me to say garbage day?
Chris-Chan's slender teenage figure

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Actually this pic is from a least a few years after high school. Chris was no longer required to attend gym class and eat somewhat controlled portions of food so he went from lanky with a little baby fat to potato on toothpicks in just a few years
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Chris liked the tweet and two things come in my mind
  • Because he's autistic and entitled, maybe he wanted this kind of service: to be fed by a mcdonald's employee, preferably female ones
  • He can like the tweet, at the same time the message won't apply at him and Barb. He doesn't like the idea of taking care of people with needs
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tch.. Like Chris would ever help anyone

Do we actually get to see Rosechu fight in the comics, outside face rapping that one guy in the 4cent Garbage Building, or being relegated to cheerleading for Sonichu
She can use some cute hammer to punch Skysoar's droids. What do you think? Is it more canon or should Chris approve my fact and have him call it canon? I dunno. It is my silly memorable guess.
He chose an animal who only wears shoes
And essential white gloves. Don't forget!
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I'm going to unlock all the achievements.
Here is a question. We know that trolls love to contact everyone in Chris’s life like Rocky and such.
So why haven’t they ever contacted Chris’s extended family to get their reactions like his half-brother or the half-sister with the PhD? It seems strange that no one has attempted to contact his extended family.
How do you know it didn't happen?

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Chris already had a pretty poor excuse for a diet (soy sauce and McDonalds anyone?), but if he's gonna start dumping mayonnaise into every recipe because of some retarded "recipe" mostly likely a very outdated Hellmann's advertisement from the 50's then I don't think Chris is gonna make it to 2022, let alone the end of the decade.
Is anyone actually expecting him to survive the decade ? It's near impossible between his health (physical and mental) and the soon-to-be homeless saga. The clock is ticking. OPL is coping.


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Is anyone actually expecting him to survive the decade ? It's near impossible between his health (physical and mental) and the soon-to-be homeless saga. The clock is ticking. OPL is coping.
At most I don't think he'll reach 60. I don't know any people who live longer whose diet is consist of sodas and fast food.

Answer to his math and geography question
1 riddle.jpg

Sonichu doesn't like the magichan's bulge. Forgot that Sylvanna has one.
2 genderchan.jpg

2a buldge.jpeg
Reported the impostor
3 impostor.jpg
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Chris tweeted a photo of his pony anime statue
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One of the commenters suggested Chris to put it in a jar:
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I'm sure he bought both.
Usually temples are portayed to be clean places and don't covered with materialism whenever possible. His "temple" don't fit the criteria.
Yes it does. It's just that it's a temple to consumerism.
I'm pretty sure she's just supposed to be a tan tomboy...
A tan makes you orange, not negro.
from the ground up.
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He's basically trying one of those hideous recipes from the 1950s to the 70s that call for either putting mayonnaise on everything or cooking everything into a mold of raw gelatin.
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Also of course he's started watching the hulu animaniacs. Reboot I honestly can't wait for him to sperg about how the animaincs came back from c-197 to star in the reboot
Ahh I see thank you. Do these recipes appear in the show? Is that what inspired Chris to try them?
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