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For a spergery over energy drink, this is a yawn-fest.


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G-guys? Is this the end for kiwi farms?!?

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Who is the faggot this person is referring to? And lol, this guy thinks kiwi farms can be brought down by anything but the government, null doing so, or money issues. Lulz may be temporary but the farms is eternal. One last thing, for someone who wants to document chris, they sure dont realize that most of chris's issues are from his retardation.

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dunno where else to put this but I've gotten a lot of people whinging at me like this

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My favourite part is that you only get to be in the third episode, like the first and second will actually see the light of day.

I'm still waiting for a David Attenborough-esque documentary of Chris. Less weening and more observing him in his natural element.

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Oh no what is he going to do! Is he going to talk about Kiwi Farms in his documentary series no one cares about?! Truly the end of the farms will end by this man
every new fucker lately that watched half a day's worth of geno thinks;

- "white knight" isn't sarcasm.

- "ween" just means "in the wiki".

- and worst, everyone that doesn't A-Log out a string of profanities about, "fucking retarded-ass pedo troon sperg pony faggot fuck!", has to be an Enabler. there's nothing in between any more.


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Interesting that Chris posted this after the Derek Chauvin verdict.
I guess Sonichu's birthday is way more important in Chris's eyes than a real life event. Kind of amusing how he lives in such a small bubble.
Tbf I care more about Sonichu's birthday than I do about the Derek Chauvin trial.

That said I don't care at all about Sonichu's birthday

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In 2021, Shit will hit the fan 4 Chris
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For a spergery over energy drink, this is a yawn-fest.
Chris should be their spokesperson, wearing a torn lululemon sports bra with a matching pair of leggings, he would say, "G-fuel energy gives me the strength and energy I need to get through the day, and the soft, supple feminine curves that brings the boys to my house at night. Drink G-fuel ENERGY, NOW, NOW, NOW.......fart".

... I want a different birthday date, please.
Either go back to March 17 or pick a new one like say... Um... I can't really tell you in my Sonichu remake cuz it's too personal. I'll pick a new one for y'all. Let's say... May 14 (to share with George Lucas instead).