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Coming from Chris Chan who did not even knew what BLM was about, it is not surprising. Hell I bet he is not aware of trial at all.

To quote Chris himself:

In 2016, Chris was asked by BraveryJerk what his opinion on the Black Lives Matter movement was. Chris seemingly had never heard of the movement, saying "Uhhh, Black Li – I have not heard of that. Well…Black Lives Matter. It sounds like it’s…uh…maybe people, black people are, sounds like they’re having trouble? But I feel…that, you know, to help any person in general, regardless of race or whatever. I mean, I’m for…the,uh…Black Lives forever.


The True and Honest Man
That tweet sounds like praetor or someone wrote it Chris may be a moron but he's not "refers to himself in the third person " Moron
Actually he has done that shit before when referring to alternate depictions of himself, roleplaying as Sonichu or Magi-Chan, or going on a tangent with saying "Oh my Chris Chan!"

Chris only ever lets Praetor write his tweets when he advertises something, not get in dumb slapfights.


roger roger
where the hell did he get "hate-fetish" from

Marshal Mannerheim

Koti, uskonto, ja isänmaa.
"Zappin' to the Extreme with Sonichu & Rosechu and the Electric Blueheart CPU Goddess" or something
It's good to see Chris Chan's antics can still make me laugh.
Chris and Praetor are selling meditation crystals and magic rocks from Chris's driveway on Praetor's Etsy shop for $45.

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What gets me MATI is not just that he does this or that Praetor enables him in doing this but that orbiters will gladly buy this and fund his addiction to consooming.


Tonight, on 'where's my liquor?'