Containment Random Chris Updates - (since April 15 2020, Chris has been role-playing as Sonichu)

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I really must doubt that if chris stops being a Like a dumb manchild playing with toys and also being the worst transgender and hear me out because this asshole I can't take him anymore he's just a autistic neckbeard.
The thing is, Chris can't be the worst at something that he's not (transgender). Can someone confirm this is not OPL, it sounds dumb enough.
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Chris throws a party in imagination land and creeps on jailbait.......*WINK* *WINK*:tomgirl:

Keep in mind, Chris does not know any of these people, and they're paid to be nice to everyone.

That invite list is autistic:
  • Britney Spears
  • Amy Jo Johnson
  • Pamela Anderson
All these women that have no real social relation whatsoever would put Chris' invite on the top of their list of restraining orders.
LOL @ Amy Jo Johnson. The only Power Ranger Chris has a chance of having dinner with is Thuy Trang.

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Chris is following Michelle Creber's mom on Twitter.

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Something happened to him at bronycon because ever since returning from it he's been virtually surrounding himself with the show's cast and speaking about friendships and love ad nauseam to them like they give two shits. Imagine someone who otherwise gets no social feedback suddenly being surrounded by hundreds of people who are at his level of social deficiency and thus not immediately repulsed by his behaviour, or paid to be nice to him. The contrast must be feeding his ego something chronic. 6 years too late he latched on to the show, the fandom and everything they stand for and he's going to hold on for dear life.