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If you really had to who would you sex?

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That sounds like some pretty low-quality bullshit to me. I know it's Chris we're talking about here, but surely he would at least take a short peek on a person's profile before following them? I'm pretty sure you don't need to go very far down Shadman's tweets to start finding some very questionable stuff, regardless of when Chris started following him in the first place.

But I still love how Chris just HAD to join that conversation between two porn artists because he couldn't miss the chance to quote Looney Tunes.
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Nobody bring this to any politician, because any such restrictions would bring places like the Kiwifarms to a content drought, but I almost feel like people with severe mental handicaps should have their access to the internet limited. The amount of self harm they can do is unbelievably high.
This is exactly what I want. I've said this a few times but I come to realize the Internet is NOT for everyone.

Agree, internet and social interaction. The old excuse of "Oh, anyone's free to make an ass out of themselves on the internet" just does not fly with people who have no executive functioning skills or perception difficulties. I also think people white knigting him and encouraging his delusional BS are equally as cruel.
It just breeds too many unnecessary problems.

Chris, about himself getting a job.

TBH, I still hope that one day he will look back at his life and decide that he might want to join the normie club, but yeah, too much :optimistic::optimistic::optimistic:.
He'll probably be 50-60 years old by then and can't even move without assistance.

Actually that's a big reason why Chris is so fascinating. Within all of us, there's that childish self that just wants to sit around and play video games, escaping from the scary responsibilities and hard work that comprise adult life.
Sort of a Peter Panism.

Chris will probably never get a job that can support him, and he has a thousand excuses to not even attempt to look. But if this epic saga has a good ending, it'll be Chris in 10 years or so, humbly accepting his faults, looking back at his internet infamy not with horror but with nostalgia.

Probably won't ever happen.
He'll be stuck in the poor house by then if he's not careful.

Pretty much. He's a vision of what would have happened to the average millennial male if they refused to grow up or learn how to interact with society. If he had any potential in life he's let it whither and atrophy over the past two decades.
This is an important lesson for ANY MILLENNIAL, really.

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This "opening" was created back in 2010 and the creator didn't leave much behind his account. His most recent video was uploaded 4 years ago.

Notice this was the "Improved version" this is the og which is btw the same thing honestly:
I'm amused Chris liked that at all. Plays into that power fantasy of his otherwise, though I did like the tune.
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K so let me get this straight - Chris is following a pedophile cartoonist because he's also following another less unsavory cartoonist. Except as an example of Chris's utter naiveté, how is the relevant?

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