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If you really had to who would you sex?

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Not to mention there are no visible effects. He's obviously still losing hair and is greasy as ever. I wonder if some informed consent hack just looked at Chris and decided to give him the lowest dose possible because he won't know the difference anyway.
I wouldn't be surprised if they gave him a placebo and just placed it in a prescription bottle to make him think it was a legit dose.


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Rick and Morty is almost entirely about interdimensional shenanigans, so it's plausible that Rick Sanchez is going to make a visit to CWCville soon.
Since Sonic Boom failed to make Chris realize they were parodying him, I wonder if this could work to finally breach his stupid belief that cartoons are real.

I've never seen Rick & Morty though so I don't know that much about its humor.


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I really don't get the whole dynamic of selling things on ebay and then spending that earned money on useless junk.
When money comes in from eBay sales, it goes into the PayPal account. That doesn't show up in the household bank account, so it can't be taken and used to buy bananas. It's basically free money that no one knows about but Chris. I'm sure as soon as money comes into PayPal, Chris immediately goes shopping to spend it quick so it doesn't get used on practical things like the mortgage or food. Chris brings the mail in, so he can hide the boxes and just add another plastic gee gaw to his pile. Barb would never notice.

I'm surprised Chris wasn't sperging about Rick & Morty when it was running. He's the kind of person the szechuan sauce skit was made for.

Not to mention it had a cameo in MLP
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The bad news is, they're worthless. The good news is, 30-50 years from now, they'll still be worth more than Sonichu.
I have the Nosferatu one because I like the movie a lot. It shocks me that people are spending so much on these, not realizing that they are Beanie Babies all over again where a few would possibly be worth something but most will be in the $1 bin at cons. Of course Chris likes them.