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If you really had to who would you sex?

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A user responding to one of CWC's tweets has shared this screencap:
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Here is an archive of the original Tumblr post:

If this is true then Pikasonic may very well predate Sonichu. There are 0 mentions of Pikasonic on KF so I thought it worthy to post even if its complete bullshit.
There's sonichu, pikasonic, and this bootleg pikachu/sonic game created in 2000


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Although to be fair to Chris, I think he just likes the idea of someone caring for him and watching him as he sleeps.
I don't think he taped that drawing up to the ceiling so he could "shoot for the stars".
No, I know he had them taped to the ceiling. But I wanted TK to elaborate on why he thought that was sexual.
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It's safe to say Chris is likely "saving" sex with his hedgehogs for when they can appear before him in the physical world. If I remember correctly, @Marvin said he's pretty certain they'll manifest. For now, it's chaste maybe.

Unless there's a bunch of porn he's drawn we don't know about, which is fine. Maybe he's just actually learned a lesson about drawing porn and posting it online.
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was she a great big healthy at any size person?
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