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Here I thought people straight up just didn't iron anymore.
Friend is a sheriff's deputy. Not sure about anybody ironing clothes anymore. But, people still use irons on each other and kids. I have no scientific data, this is purely anecdotal, based on friend's work "you can't believe what this sick fook did" stories for the past 23 years. Irons seem to be used about as often as boiling water. Interesting factoid: If a parent holds a child's hands in water hot enough to cause burns, the resulting burned hands and wrists are called "immersion cuffs". Glad I chose to work with electrons and machines, not people.


I'll only go to the party if Abigail comes too.
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do you see what happens
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I fucking love these random covers of Superman just casually being a dick to his friends. What kills me about this one is the smile and the 1950s sitcom dad pose while his friends are dying of thirst.
There's a whole site of these called superdickery and they were ridiculously common, the comic cover version of clickbait. Usually the scene didn't even actually happen in the comic itself.

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