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Sweeney did nothing wrong.
Instantly. No one survives that kind of impact for even a second after it occurs.

That's why the tires are tethered to the frame in Formula 1, rogue tires have killed people in the past and they are dangerous as fuck.
The 2000 Italian GP was crazy when it came to crashes, the video is timestamped at 26 seconds and it shows a massive pileup where the only one that got hurt was a trackside marshall behind a safety barrier that got hit by one of the wheels that flew off. He died instantly iirc. There is another angle that I couldn't find but I remember it not looking like much of a big deal when the tire hit him.

Six months later another marshall died from being struck by a wheel.

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I would joke with friends that any online tutorial or recipe would produce mustard gas. One of them watched a video about swapping the grill of his car and I begged him not to follow it because he’ll unscrew the mustard gas compartment and kill himself. Or i’d say bleached pasta and broccoli (a domesticated form of wild mustard) would flood the kitchen with gas.

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