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She is some legal thot who people post on 4chan.
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That Russian thing gets my dick harder than the thot in the post above. Imagine a few dozen of these babies flying over the black sea, while firing air-to-ground missiles. They arrive at the beaches and ejaculate out a company of infantry. Im cooooommminggggg
Thots are quite interesting. If you go onto Tiktok or IG, there's a thot for everything. Redneck, racist, gun-shooting bimbo? Seen a few of those. Losers, 4chan, memes? Belle Delphine or this bitch in question. It's especially hilarious when they're marketing to 'deep web memes', because Delphine has only ever used mainstream minecraft memes, and this chick is cosplaying the most popular anime in existence. The same one Elon Musk talked about as he was celebrated a 'proper weeb'. It's on Netflix, for crying out loud.

It's getting really obvious with Delphine now that she talks a lot, as well. She sounds terrible, she looks only slightly better, but ultimately her facade is cracking as people realize she's really just a cishet white chick with a boyfriend and a niche.