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I can remember watching these "troubled teen" shows as a teenager and wanting to look and dress like them *sigh those were the days. But if I'd ever been on one it would have been something like "Chan Fan, 13, honor roll student, sings way too loud in the church choir" lol


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Some really cool Sega stuff. I like the Mega Jet, that attachment for the Dreamcast, Karakoe addon on the Mega Drive and CD player combo and arcade unit I would love to have.
There are alot of cool Mega Drive/Genesis units made that you don't see.

The Aiwa Mega CD, a CD player with a built in Mega Drive so you can play both carts and Sega Cd games

The JVC Wondermega and X'eye
JVC worked on the Mega CD so Sega allowed them to produced their own high end combo units with composite video and great sound. The first model Wondermega had motorized door, Karaoke controls on the system, and wireless controllers in addition to controller ports. The second model would be the bases for the X'eye without the wirelss controllers and simple door lid. Still a great Sega system and my favorite I own.


Pioneer Laseractive
Pioneer was the leading producer of the Laserdisc format and with the early 90s saw the rise of multimedia entertainment system decided to make a laserdisc player that can play Sega and PCE/TG16 games with their respective modules. However the system costed 900$ and modules for each system was 600$ made it too pricey for people to buy. It can play both cart/cards, CD and Laserdisc games which the library has a high percentage of educational and voyeur games.


Heartbeat Personal Trainer
A Genesis unit designed for to run a exercise games with special sensors while playing the rest of the Genesis library. Outback Joey was the only game it came with but planned to have other games use it. Only 1000 of them were produced and possibly the rarest Sega Genesis/MD system ever made.


Teradrive and Mega PC
IBM and Amstrad computers with built in Sega Mega Drives. An early example of bringing console games to PC.


EZ Games System
A system for hotels that can be played through credit card payment. Kind of common in hotels in the 90s.

Sega CDX/Multimega

A CD player size Sega MD/Genesis that can play Sega CD games and can be used a portable CD player with batteries. I would love to have one but with the asking prices and the work needed to get one running keeps me away.

I been on a Sega Genesis binge so I wanted to bring them up.