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The leftists expectations for black people are so low even Tolkien dwarfs could never dig deep enough to excavate them.
Steffan Molymeme did a great video on that one kid "genius" who "made" a clock, and got arrested by the cops. Its really apparent all the bullshit that went on around it. The kid did not make anything, he just smashed a clock open and put it in a case. Then he deliberately plugged it in to attract attention. He family was also nuts. His dad was an attention whore, and I think his sister threatened to bomb the school once.

When I was that kids age I was building my first 555 circuits, Tesla coils, radio transmitters, and 3D printer. I also knew people my age who were making cathode ray tubes, and other projects on that scale. There are so many 12-17 year olds who build amazing shit in their garage. Most of them much more talented than I ever was. But we never got national attention because we were not Muslims or niggers.

Fuck MIT and all of those ivy league schools. They care more about who your parents are, than what you can do.