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Married wolf to a bunny
Stuff like that isn't sold in grocery lines for one simple reason: No one cares. This stuff doesn't sell...
With all these arguments that some shady group of people is misleading people and giving them TV shows and movies to make them dumber one simple truth is always overlooked:
People subjugate themselves to the drivel on TV out of their own free will. They aren't coaxed into watching it, they aren't forced to watch it, they aren't encouraged to watch it. They watch it out of their own free will. They could do literally anything else, watch anything else. Lowest common denominator sells.
It's not (((them))) who make people dumb, it's people who make themselves complacant and dumb.

A German politician from the AfD Tweeted "Biden is not my President", some news outlet replied "That's correct. Frank Walter Steinmeier is your President." :story:

AFAIK, it's a mistranslation and the text doesn't talk about virgins, but rather about grapes

Anyway image toll: German castles.
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The composition on the third, fourth, and sixth one is amazing.

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