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Clown College

You ain't about shit and your hair ain't neither!
Wait this group exists?!

Smaug's Smokey Hole

Sweeney did nothing wrong.
Wait this group exists?!
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Yup and they(weird girls on the left) were literally shaking and crying when Patreon clamped down on their content because it was clearly not consensual sex that was happening in those stories. But the spectre of racism is the real problem.

edit: I think VICE and the usual suspects covered how problematic it was for Patreon to do this. The SJWs managed to raise enough of a stink that Patreon dropped a bunch of "problematic" people on the right so they wouldn't get in trouble with their payment processors. Turns out that shit cuts both ways so then the SJWs lost their rape-porn and all the other shit that Patreon don't want to be associated with because it's a threat to their business.
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Neurotypical Mantis

your #1 source for the worst mantis memes
I like how his Psycho Mantis is the only one that’s accurate. Although Snake and Ocelot are close too.
i already asked him to draw mantis so he already had a reference, he plays smash so snake is pretty recognizable too. we were going for a "how close can we get without describing their appearances" but i had to spill about ocelot's gross old man mustache and wolf's horrid green lipstick