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May 11, 2017

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Dec 17, 2019
One of my favorite odd ships, the USS Alaska:
USS Alaska.jpg

Totally not a Battlecruiser, just a Large Cruiser built to bully the fuck out of other cruisers because we were worried about a Japanese "Supercruiser" and the German Scharnhorst Battlecruisers. By the time we deployed Alaska and her sister Guam, most of the IJN was on the bottom of the Pacific. They were mostly used to escort carriers and attempt to fend off kamikazis and like all big American ships were massive overloaded with light AA, including 56 40mm Bofors guns. The USN had a hard-on for them and we crammed them on everything.

The argument over whether or not they count as battlecruisers or not goes on, but from a design perspective they're basically just very big cruisers who were never intended to engage capital ships. With an Iowa-Class for perspective.
Not a Battlecruiser.jpg
Very big cruisers, although they only displaced a bit over half of what an Iowa did. Nice looking ships who's primary role, hunting commerce raiding cruisers, was obsolete before they were launched.