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The climax of Chris's life

  • House Burning Down

    Votes: 133 8.0%
  • Bob Passing Away

    Votes: 132 8.0%
  • Becoming a Tomgirl

    Votes: 119 7.2%
  • Expulsion from PVCC

    Votes: 59 3.6%
  • Winning the Sega Sweepstake

    Votes: 681 41.1%
  • Taint Infection

    Votes: 94 5.7%
  • Other

    Votes: 50 3.0%
  • Multiple things

    Votes: 62 3.7%
  • Never had any hope

    Votes: 158 9.5%
  • The Jews

    Votes: 168 10.2%

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Given that a high school junior or seinor senior described WWII as a “tragic event with guns and insults and yuck”, I don’t think the term “extremely generous” even begins to cut it. While Borb may have successfully waged their war to get Chris mainstreamed, the tard card was still in full force.
Like a Mobius strip of entitlement and why people attribute Chris' uniqueness to Bob and Barb.

"How dare you suggest my son is disabled, he must be mainstreamed."

"How dare you give my son an F, don't you know he's disabled?"

...and repeat, until school gives in.

See Song of Christian for an example, Chris indignantly addressing the camera like a confederate colonel tackling carpetbaggers which can only have been learnt from parroting his father.


If someone created a 3d model of not-Chris Chan, he's wasting his time and talent
I know that guy, he a user who often worships Chris at Sockness's level. I often see him orbiting around Chris's Twitter and pissing off users at r/chrischansonichu. I have heard rumors that he is actually Hirtes.

His Twitter account
His Reddit account

Super Colon Blow
So the teachers lower their standards to Chris. Might as well send him to school for special kids.

The more I learn about Chris and watching family guy, the more I think that Peter Griffin is the fictional Chris Chan, minus the family and friends.
Well, Griffin is a total derp, but he doesn't think he's a goddess and apparently he tries to work, selling butt scratchers and such.

Replicant Sasquatch

Do Lolcows Dream of Electric Hedgehog Pokemon?
According to the stuff that people scrounged out of the garbage after the house fire, it looks to have been a combination of extremely generous grading and probably some incompetence and/or pity on the part of his teachers. He did fail a number of assignments, but not enough to be held back or to fail at graduating.

Edit: ninja'd by Kosher Dill
It's pretty fucking hard to actually flunk out of high school. Much, much dumber people than Chris still make it through.


Chanticleer Hegemony
It's pretty fucking hard to actually flunk out of high school. Much, much dumber people than Chris still make it through.
It's borderline impossible nowadays due to a combination of NCLB (is that still a thing anymore? it was when I was in high school) causing funding to get tied directly to test scores AND school administrators trying to avoid taking nasty hits to their statistics. Mind you, this is public school we're talking about. Private schools have a little more leeway. Pretty much the only ways you can get kicked out of high school boil down to doing shit that's literally expulsion worthy (i.e. anything with criminal damages).


Wear your shirt inwards out
So Chris has mentioned that people can pray to him but has anyone asked him yet if he hears their prayers? if so, does he claim to have answered them? I don't use Twitter so someone can ask him and see if he answers
It'll answer you if Chris is interested in you (by following you on twitter). Following him alone won't get him to notice

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