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The climax of Chris's life

  • House Burning Down

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  • Bob Passing Away

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  • Becoming a Tomgirl

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  • Expulsion from PVCC

    Votes: 59 3.3%
  • Winning the Sega Sweepstake

    Votes: 734 41.1%
  • Taint Infection

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  • Other

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  • Multiple things

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  • Never had any hope

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  • The Jews

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Lolcow Hunter
The end goal from our view seems heading towards the ass rape, but we don't actually know what will happen if the two meet. Both Sockness & CWC are on social security funds, they won't have enough money to visit each other and even if they do, Chris being selfish (thinking he is entitled to get his own way) and delusional (believes he can get any woman he throws himself at) will most likely reject Sockness, CWC has always pursued people who are out of his league, he'll never return Sockness' affections. If CWC wanted a boyfriend, he'd most likely chase after some 18 year old hipster douche that looks like one of the brats from One Direction.

Francis Dollarhyde

And the woman, clothed in the sun.
On one side I want to believe Chris truly doesnt know the implications of what he is doing and he is saying thats okay because it goes along with his narrative...
Then I remember this is a guy that admitted that he doesnt find incest and sexual fantasies with your fucking mother to be wrong.
I just have this nagging feeling it was not just a fantasy. Cuddling with mummy in her bed as an adult son is called uncosumated incest. Fantasies are desires which are not or cannot come true, usually, but I bet you people would say yes to most of their fantasies.
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Replicant Sasquatch

Do Lolcows Dream of Electric Hedgehog Pokemon?
Why did Chris become trans?
He grew up as a girly wuss who's afraid of men and never identified with the masculine bully characters which dominated his cartoons. He spent all his time around boring teenaged girls and never participated in any real masculine activity with other boys. Most of the people "responsible" for his misfortune have been either male trolls or just IRL men who had the audacity to fuck the women he was in love with. Or ban him from their stores. Or arrest him. He legitimately hates all men who aren't paternal figures giving him stuff (Bob, Santa Clause, Optimus Prime, Sonic). He's uncomfortable with being a man, because he likes girly stuff and pretty dolls. Literally Current Year says you can just be a girl if you want to, so Chris did that.

TL;DR, Chris is fat and gay, and engaged in troonery like many fat and gay people do.


I've seen some shit
Why did Chris become trans?
Only way to know for sure would be to have access to Chris' mind, so we can only speculate. We do know that he had gender identity issues before the trolling though.

Personally I think it was an attempt to re-invent himself to escape the trolling. In the more recent Sonichu issues Chris always explains his past behavior as being the result of him "searching for his true self" or some similar bullshit. His troonery at least seems to have provided him with a convienent scapegoat for all his past failures.

I'd wager his deep-seated misandry was also a contributing factor, why bother being a dirty, violent JERK when you could be a dainty, sensitive little goddess ?


Manfred Von Richthofen
Is Sockness Sockness' real name?

If so, it seems like such an unusual name.

A mentally ill guy from San Francisco is trying to woo Chris.
As someone who lives in Cali I can inform you the entire state is insane. Sockness a little more so than others but theres quite a few people that bad here. I also concur Sockness is a quite strange name


Accidental Spy Kids reference
Haven't paid any attention to Chris really for the past half-year/year or so. TL;DR of anything major/important happening in that time frame? Thanks
Magi Chan is body swapping with Chris and has his own twitter account.


New Zealander & Agriculturalist
Chris Chan couldn't find a boyfriend-free girl so he made himself a boyfriend-free girl.
Boyfriend free woman is technically true. But Christine has two wives one husband and one genderless spouse
Leaving No time for a boyfriend

Chris legitimately hates all men who aren't paternal figures giving him stuff (Bob, Santa Clause, Optimus Prime, Sonic).
You didn't mention God . Chris pulled a Job's wife on HaShem, and why not? The almighty gave Chris 'tism, uber troll.
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