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Random Tumblr posts

Discussion in 'Tumblr (◡‿◡✿)' started by x.eight.six.systems, Feb 21, 2015.

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  1. That asshole? Albert Einstein.

    Like this bullshit happened. Any normal person would have just laughed at this fucking idiot and walked away with a story about the lunatic they met.
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    AnOminous sittin in the fabled catbird seat
    True & Honest Fan Retired Staff

  2. You can read the rest of this mess and more here Screenshot_20180913-215040.jpg
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    Stray Bullet

    Stray Bullet From the heavens above

  3. It's a freaking dog.
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    Oscar Wildean

    Oscar Wildean We may be stupid, but we're not clever.

  4. I know it's probably :autism:, but if troons want to assign human characteristics to a dog, we could say it's cruel to own them because they didn't ask for the dog's consent.

    Some of the crazier vegans do that, but we're not talking about them.
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  5. Pokemon already had a trans character in X/Y.


    Black Belts are specifically male trainers. This generic trainer type is specifically female. As far as I know, this is the only trans character in pokemon. That previous post was desperate in finding a trans character, it made no sense.
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  6. "Like a mosquito bite that flares up and itches for a few seconds before you burn it with a cigarette."

    That seems a little excessive for a mosquito bite. Like, girl, get some Chloraseptic. Or was that a "subtle" attempt to edgelord (edgequeen? edgequeer?) it up with a little casual self-harm?
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    Vorhtbame Fun Fact Granny Smith

  7. Is this a trans guy or a bi-lesbienne masquerading as a man, now?

    IceGray "Dude, where's the bus?"

  8. you're implying that Tumblr takes the time to care about actual LGBT characters in a series
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  9. No, of course not. I know they like to ignore actual lgbt for some dumb reason or another.
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  10. 1ec4904d-51bf-4e9d-bb84-14df507f257e.png
    Nigga please.
    This was satirizing her crazy temper tantrum and had nothing to do with her race. The whole thing has been about how inappropriate Serena acted.
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    Oscar Wildean

    Oscar Wildean We may be stupid, but we're not clever.

  11. "White washing"? Naomi's skin tone in that picture isn't THAT much lighter than Serena's (which holds true in real life as well), and she definitely doesn't have the same skin tone as the umpire (who is Portuguese and also rather dark):
    At best, you could make the case that all of them have been whitewashed as all three have a lighter skin tone in the cartoon than in real life, but based on what I've seen of Mark Knight's works, it probably just boils down to the color palette he uses.
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    scathefire bounce bounce bounce bounce

  12. Find the crazy person (I added the original post so it isn't out of context).
    Screenshot_2018-09-14-07-06-36.png Screenshot_2018-09-14-07-06-41.png
    Answer: it's keanurezor. Most people made jokes, and yet this person decides to say "cis" men and women don't exist. By that logic, neither do trans men and women, since they are trying to fit into society as "cis" people.

    Then again, this person could be making a joke too (but so many people use that as an excuse so it probably isn't).
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  13. Oh definitely the latter. The whole blog is edgy stuff with weird rambles like that. There's also a post about how they don't have a gender and "come from the void"
    Stray Bullet

    Stray Bullet From the heavens above

  14. How this conversation really went:
    Dog Petter: Hey your dog's cute, is it a boy or girl...
    Autist: It's a dog.
    Dog Petter: Yea but is it a girl dog or boy dog?
    Autist: Its. A. Dog.
    Dog Petter: uhh... okay, enjoy your coffee and thanks for letting me pet your dog...
    Autist: ugh, fucking transphobic piece of shit.
    As an aside, the "Black Belt" trainer class is called "Karate King" in Japanese and the phrase is used in this character's dialogue where "Black Belt" is used making the "transformation" bit a little more direct. Iirc this is not the first or last "LGBT Easter Egg" Game Freak has put in the games. For example, in Black and White 2 there's the Ferris Wheel in Nimbasa City where you can battle a new trainer each season, with different ones appearing if youre boy or girl player character. For the boy you get a nursery aide who admits to "disguising themselves" as a woman and the girl gets a hiker who casually admits to being attracted to men, if I'm remembering this all correctly. Of course, these two got way more watered down than the provided example from XY.

    But tumblr only cares about LGBT characters if theyre the ones that theyre making up and shoehorning into random places for "uwu vawidashun"
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    MightyBiteySnake happ spuuk moth

  15. Animals have a concept of sexuality. Nothing more.

    Or maybe they just like humping indiscriminately.
  16. I got bored of reading notes on this one, so picked the one I myself thought is dumbest, but you can look for yourself
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    UnsufficentBoobage Atleast things I wanna fuck are 3D

  17. So... does this mean straight porn videos are secretly for bicurious guys if they have modelesque actors with big dicks? Or does towersrose just not understand that many people have sexual fantasies about feeling attractive, not just finding other people attractive?
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    Alberto Balsalm

    Alberto Balsalm No Xmas for John Quays

  18. I think Towersrose misses the point that the heroine of the romance novel is a placeholder for the reader. Of course the reader wants to know that her temporary avatar in this book's universe is beautiful and therefore deserving of male attention; feeling desired and desirable is the point of the genre.

    It's about the feelings that it invokes, overall--and honey, I think if they're having sex, the man's body has very definitively responded to the woman's touch. Honestly, I don't know what Towersrose was reading if she's that unaware that that stuff is discussed in romance novels...
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    Vorhtbame Fun Fact Granny Smith

  19. I was thinking the same. They describe what the dude thinks and does so the female reader pictures a guy doing those things to her and thinking those things about her. Towersrose comment could easily go on the everything is lesbians thread. Also, men write romance novels too
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    Stray Bullet

    Stray Bullet From the heavens above

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