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Fat Pikachu

Is your privilege running? You better go check it!
It's a big hearty LEL from me if they think that a human who sits around and goes "I fuck boys and girls but I'm too special to be bisexual so I'm pan and I'm not like other girls so I must be nonbinaree" is anywhere near as cool as an elf/alien/robot/horned cat person or any combination thereof.


The Primal Brat Tamer.
When will this bigotry against bloodsuckers end?

This is why thots are not allowed within 500ft of my coffin. Plus I catch most of my meals by propping up a refrigerator box with a stick and a Twilight box set placed underneath since *some of us* are way less Edward and a lot more Count Orlock! I can't just woo every big tiddy goth girl that comes through the cemetery expecting a chisled Lestat looking Chadpire!


Crunchy Leaf

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they're..... they're not real
i thought this was maybe a joke post but OP's description was 'Żmija, slavic pagan witch' and the second person's description reads 'Red. Revelation 17:6. Non-Abrahamic Theistic Satanism. Message me to book a tarot reading.' so i'm thinking it's not at all a joke

like vampires are popular because it's a sex thing, sweaty~~!! regular people aren't taking it seriously, they just like imagining some hot european guy biting them on the neck.

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