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White Romanian from a backwards village talking about minorities like she's an expert.

It's always white kids from the whitest AF areas that are the most obnoxious about race, blackwashing, etc etc.
They've bitten the white guilt bait so they feel the need to constantly speak for minorities to cope

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Where are those good old fashioned values?
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"This is my argument and I won't listen to yours because i'm always right."
I agree that what was listed there isn't child abuse, but there are definitely people who try to go further than that way too soon. And there have been a couple Munchausen by Proxy cases where the kid wasn't trans but went along with it to make a parent happy, which is abuse. (There was a case like this a while ago where the mom was going as far as telling her kid that monsters only eat boys. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7663591/Child-attends-school-boy-judge-ruled-dad-stop-child-transitioning.html)

I don't care if a little boy wants to wear a dress, I just want to be sure it's what the child actually wants, and not a parent with MBP.


My hair is full of secrets.
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Hold up is that fucking Kirk? As if his singing isn't bad enough :o
Don't be hating, dude.

He's right, though. People who use #actuallyautistic absolutely do refuse to accept that they could be wrong about autism, even when presented with evidence. It's almost appropriate, except a lot of them are probably also self-diagnosed and actually just socially awkward and oh so quirky.
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