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More AWS-8Q Than You

So it looks like the glorious bastard who gave us the Tomboy Mine is working on one for all the varieties of Waifus

The Original:

For those who like their stressed out working girls:

The irony of this song and the first girl isn't lost on me:

This being in Brazil doesn't surprise me at all:

Dr. Octogonapus

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I would post this in the zoosadist thread, since it seems to be about that topic, but they’re busy right now.

So this popped up on my YouTube feed.

Which is just weird in of itself because I have no idea why a ~700 views video from a guy I’ve never seen would show up on my feed, but okay.

All the comments seem to be referring to someone stepping on puppies or something? Anyone know what the fuck this is?

I think this is supposed to be “evidence” of some kind, but it’s just weird that they think a video of the ground would be evidence. I’m sure tons of places in the US look like that.


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I don't know why, but I find videos about the infamous Slab City enthralling. A permanent burning man for the homeless out in the desert.

More funtimes
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