Random vidya moments that made you laugh

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Jun 24, 2020
I don't mean scripted parts. This could include glitches, fuckups, or perfect-timing moments that made you laugh.

1. In GTA 5, the cops were chasing me down one of those terraced hill streets. A cop car behind me went airborne and flew right past me.

2. In Just Cause 3:
  • I was trying to get a tractor to a town garage by using Rico's cables to pull it up the side of a cliff. The cables snapped, the tractor fell, and then went rolling down the hill and hit a pedestrian.
  • As I was using cables to pull some random guy's car to the gas station, I rammed it into the gas pumps too hard and everything on the block was leveled from the explosion (but it counted as successfully helping an NPC)
3. Far Cry 5: bit in the nuts by a wolverine, nearly pecked to death by a turkey, and Wile E. Coyote'd myself with C4

4. In MGSV, a Russian ran right by me, while I was standing up and in his line of sight, to go outside and shoot at Quiet.
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Apr 15, 2019
I was doing some quest in RDR2 that involved Dutch. We were riding along a road together talking and I noticed a wagon coming towards us. I figured Dutch would path around it, but nah, he just ran right into it and fell off his horse into the mud. The best part was when we got to our destination, he was still completely filthy and caked in mud during the cut scene.

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Aug 29, 2018
Blood & True: One of the few times I don't have a clip of a glitch on my ps4. I'm behind a bookcase and toss a grenade that went way off thanks to throwing in VR, but no way it can't be heard.

It wasn't heard. Confused, I pick up a beer bottle and toss it and get lit up instantly.


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Jan 22, 2018
The final level of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Absolutely fucking hilarious. That whole game is really great, I haven't had actual laughs in a game in quite a while. Not gonna spoil the ending, it's better when you see it yourself, I promise.

Also the soundtrack is peak Retrowave kino.


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May 3, 2019
In the roughly 40 minutes I've spent playing Cyberpunk I've had quite a few laughs at the bugginess. Driving a motorcycle in first person view does some weird shit to your handling and braking. People get stuck in walls, show up as corpses on the minimap but keep talking to you and bleeding... It goes on.

Collision detection is fucked: I parked a motorcycle against the front bumper of a truck and when a second truck gently nudged the first, the first truck did a languid hop into the air and landed on its nose. No idea where the bike went after that.

I've also seen a few invisible guns and other fucked graphical issues.

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Dec 16, 2019
Two guards in Oblivion began shooting eachother while patrolling the wilderness. This was on the PS3 version, so no mods were causing this. I like to think they had an argument.

Maybe the argument went like this.
Disregard the dark lighting. It's called the dark engine for a reason.

In Fallout 4, I was just doing Fallout 4 things. Shooting, exploring, hoping it doesn't crash. I had my puppy with me. Suddenly, someone who was up to no good asserted dominance.


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Mar 16, 2019
No More Heroes 2. Something about this game is just so brilliant in its fighting gameplay when you face general enemies, and I think it would have to be its execution. Typically, enemies talk massive shit when you enter into their territory and begin to try to kill you, and Travis always has something to say when he's had his way with them. They're all randomized too, so it's as satisfying as a safe form of shit talk gambling. Some examples include:

There are big, musclebound thugs you face off later in the game, and they typically talk the most shit. Sometimes when you dizzy them, they'll say "What the fuck are you looking at?" They also come in the variety of thugs who wield katanas and beam swords and think they have some fucking nerve to kill Travis to take his place despite sucking the main villain's dick for cash. The latter variety has their own faggoty wannabe charge attack that you can wail on them during and parry counter back with simple timing. Typically when they're dizzied and shit talk, you can come from behind and chop them up in half, and outside of yelling in fear and pain when they die, they also like to yell "OH FUCK". My favorite thing to do is to have them display their limited vocabulary by interrupting their monologues and making them scream as they bleed out dismembered in half and wonder what the fuck they did with their shit lives on the floor dying. Cause Oh Fuck is right, what did you do to get this far, shitface?

There are fat thugs in the game who wield chainsaws, and they tend to say "THIS IS A NO FUCKHEAD ZONE". Same with the dipshits above, they tend to leave themselves open to attack from the back. It's astronomically rare as fuck, but you can pull off Travis giving a poetic irony rhapsody of him saying "FUCKHEAD" before chopping the bitchass in half and ending it with a simple "Fuck you!" as they die.

General foes you face are thugs wielding bats. Going back into the whole endurance mechanic, you can piss these dipshits enough for them to retaliate back without flinching by bitch punching them in the face constantly. If you get their health down just right and trigger them enough for them to try and make a charging swing at you, you can potentially have Travis make his own swing upon a Deathblow to lop off their head home run style just to make them feel stupid as they learn the hard way that you don't fuck with football (serious fuckin' business).

I might be cheating, but the throw known as the Twisted Belly to Back. I honestly think Suda 51 has a good sense of twisted humor. Twisted is practically innately learned compared to future wrestling throws that you get every now and then in the Magazine rack at Travis's, and the throw involves coming in at a 5 o'clock flank from behind the opponent, clutching them at the waist, and making a 240 degree spin to the right before manuvering them and dropping the foe on the head. What really makes this throw shine is using it on enemies however; how they land as the result of the attack is that their neck is bent fully as they land on the spine to skull part of the back of their head, and their position has them, as to put it in otherwords, in "downward fucking dog". Travis tends to throw his beam katana to execute these moves freely, and they always tend to skewer foes as they are paralyzed and crippled from the throw helplessly. I'm fairly sure you know where the beam katana lands as the result of this, and this isn't the only move that does this. Travis has more throws in this that target the lower spine with the pin, that it takes his insult of "Bitchass!" to another level, and honestly, it makes my insult of getting fucked with barbed dildos sound like child's play.

Another wrestling throw of epic, spine shattering and crippling proportions is the German Suplex, which is simply coming in from the hind, clutching at the waist, and lifting the foe up and over backwards to slam them on the head. What makes this funny is that this move is used not on a mat or in a ring, and this is probably one of the more grevious throws with evident trauma. You see, as observation has it, the beam katana doesn't just skewer and impale, but electrifies the foe, so when the enemy is struck with the stab, their abs flare up bridging upwards in reaction to the shock, while they can't even move their head because the throw's fucked their spine as if they fell from a story down from the sky with the momentum of the toss. It makes them look like they're hopelessly trying to get off fucking the air before dying, and I am always reminded of the Beavis and Butthead joke of "Look! He's fallen, and can't get it up!"

A very fitting throw is the Giant Swing. The second to last stage takes place in a gigantic ghetto, with lots and alleys filled with trash, dumpsters, and all sorts of rubbish. You don't get the Giant Swing by this time in your first playthrough, but you keep it in later subsequent ones. Again, this is very hard to pull off; the throw requires astronomical placement and timing for not just the right trajectory but camera angles (seriously, if you go far up against a wall upon performing a throw, you can possibly toss them out into the digital abyss as the Langoliers eat them) and you have to fight giant musclehead thugs or fatasses to pull this off, but once you see it, it's awesome, as you see Travis literally tossing them at literal breakneck speed onto what might potentially be broken glass, jutting nails, and shattered furniture in a bag, or into a dumpster backfirst headfirst, and paralyzed as they can't do shit as the beam katana lands into them for the finishing blow.

EDIT: For another addition I totally forgot,this game has a little "fear" system for enemies. If you get foes down in health and if you have an enclosed arena, you can knock some of them into the wall to knock them out to peel onto the ground long enough for you to stab them and kill them instantly. Unlike killing them typically with deathblows, or the Tiger Dark Side Mode, stabbing foes tends to get at least one of them to shit their pants in fear knowing you're going to be their cause of death. At most, I've gotten at least two thugs scared shitless of Travis, either running for their life or cowering like a bitch begging him to not chop them up into tiny pieces for the flies. It's great when you can pull this off.

Yes, I am a sick sadistic fuck. But man, these styles of dying couldn't have happened to a better lot of serial killing, meth using, heroin addicted, cokehead, steroid using, fat ass baby eating, and over all scumbag lot.
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Mar 7, 2020
F-zero x: one of the tracks has a ramp where you have to use the boosters to propell yourself the catch is that road that leads to the ramp becomes more smaller and smaller until only like 2 or 3 vehicles are around you I got my myself killed because getting rammed while having low energy and ALSO fell to my death what made me laugh was that captain falcon was screaming while falling outside of the road even though he was supposed to be dead from the combustion


Jan 15, 2020
In Assassins Creed 3 there's a cutscene where all the native Americans sit in a circle listening to the white man issue a proclamation about a treaty or something. Only I managed to trigger it while it was pouring rain so they were happily sitting around outside while catching pneumonia.


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Aug 24, 2018
In Skyrim, I was minding my own business traversing the land and I saw a dragon in the distance. 'Huh, that's okay,' I thought, as I continued but not forty feet in front of me, another dragon clipped through the ground into the air and freaked me out. Turns out I watched a dragon revival but the dragon that got reincarnated decided that where it was was close enough to its burial ground.

I was playing Destiny 2 with a couple mates and we were doing a strike I'd never done with three people before. I remarked during the last boss how much easier it was with three people when less than ten seconds after I said that, my first mate died, quickly followed by my second and in my haste and panic, I backed off the map and we all failed. The timing was hilarious.

There've been a good handful of times in miscellaneous games where I've talked shit right before dying or losing something important moments after. I have many videos and recordings but my voice is retarded.

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Jun 18, 2019
In RDR2 in the mission where you're trying to get Mary's brother out of the "turtle cult" if you kill the cult leader you see a brief cutscene where a member yells "HE HAS FALLEN, SO WE MUST RISE!" and they all jump off the cliff.

While yes, this is a scripted part, what really made me laugh was blowing up the cult leader with dynamite, which damaged one of the cult members so he was yelling "HE HAS FALLEN, SO WE MUST RISE!" all bloodied with blown off fingers, which made me laugh myself into hysterics.

It was also funny as fuck purposely shooting Mary's brother in the face later on when you're supposed to shoot the gun out of his hand.


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Aug 1, 2017
The very first time I played through the original kingdom hearts, this happened.

Also in 1.0 Skyrim (still playable if you have an Xbox 360 original release hardcopy) dragon skeletons had an undefined value for their mass. This meant they'd roll around like tumbleweeds gradually accelerating like a superball. As they're one of the few non-NPC objects the game considers important they'll respawn if you leave the area and come back and due to their lack of mass this they're going to go flying in a random direction when the physics engine attempts to settle them on the ground. This means you're liable to be headshot by one flying over a mountain like a meteor into your face and the troll club launch bug has nothing on how funny this is if it happens during a cutscene.
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Jun 4, 2018
X-COM: Enemy Within (the Firaxis version, with the DLC).

My first deployment of cyborg power armor, one was equipped with... I don't remember what the game called it, but it was a fucking rocket punch. And the first enemy I hit with it was blown through two walls before landing dead.

I had to pause the game for several minutes because I was laughing my ass off.

Duncan Hills Coffee

Dec 13, 2016
There was this one moment of random hilarity from Destroy All Humans 2 that I'll never forget.

One of the first weapons you acquire in the game is the Dislocator, which fires a disc that sends the target flying up in the air. You can also fire it at a car to launch it skywards if you so choose as well. At one point I fire a disc at a hippy bus. As the bus starts to lift off, the hippy inside jumps out, but he falls and hits the windshield of the car that was behind him. I can still see the way his body slammed into the windshield and how he just laid there across it.

It was one of those random acts of destruction that you only get in these kinds of sandbox games.