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In GTA V, I was driving down the Vinewood hills with Franklin and my car was sent flying, and in that moment he goes "What the fuck?". I don't know if was scripted or not, but it was hilarious.

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In Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead, there's child zombies. One of the things you can get from them as loot is bags of crack. This is a common drop from them. Adult zombies tend to have meth, weed, heroin, or cigs.

Someone asked for this to be removed on the Github, thinking it was a mistake. A major contributor confirmed that undead kids running around with bags of crack was intentional.


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Punching a pyjak in Mass Effect 2 on my first playthrough. I wasn't ready for the way it screamed and flopped off-screen like a doll.
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In Ass Creed 1 with v-sync off there was one particular leap of faith that would just make Altair hit the side of the hay cart instead the hay pile. Dying and ragdolling over the cart nicely.
Just think of all the assassins who met this end.

Also this classic video, not mine obviously.

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GTA's pedestrian banter.

You could be driving, walking or doing a mission and you'd hear the most random shit.

How could I forget? When I first heard the fat guy in the Hawaiian shirt in GTAIII say "I like barbecue" it caught me off guard and made me laugh like a loon.

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Getting launched through the windshield and hitting the top of a lamp pole in GTA4 was very funny the first time it happened, did not know that getting launched like that was a feature.

In True Crime: LA if three wheels of a car got punctured the car while driving/skidding would eventually launch itself in a largely random direction(at least on Xbox). I used to shoot out the wheels of a car and see how far I could go.

There's a bug in Daggerfall, don't know if they ever patched it, where running and jumping from a sloped surface like angled parapets or a roof often resulted in the jump bugging out. A normal jump between two rooftops or from the city wall to a rooftop would often launch you across the city and to your death.

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I was playing Crysis remastered (great game btw, never played the original due to my computer catching fire) and I was sneaking on the docks, trying to avoid Korean death patrols when suddenly two guys in a jeep spotted me. I tried to juke the ai by going circles around a lamp post when all of a sudden the driver decided to try the same. The end result was the jeep careening off the side into the ocean with gunner and driver in tow. THAT was some great emergent gameplay right there.

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I was doing some quest in RDR2 that involved Dutch. We were riding along a road together talking and I noticed a wagon coming towards us. I figured Dutch would path around it, but nah, he just ran right into it and fell off his horse into the mud. The best part was when we got to our destination, he was still completely filthy and caked in mud during the cut scene.
Here's a clip of it. Unfortunately I stopped recording before the cut scene.

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OK, so playing The Long Dark (aka 'Canadian Winter Wilderness Hates You Simulator'). I've made my way into Timberwolf Mountain. While I was standing at a cabin there, I see a bear off in the distance. Seeking to supplement my stores of food, I take a shot at it. No dice. Oh well. I wander off, go fishing for a couple hours. I come out and ... is that the bear, lying down? Huh, did I hit him and he bled out? I start ambling over to look and see.

When I get close. the fucker JUMPS UP and RUNS OFF (I'm on Pilgrim mode, give me a break, damn bears are bad as is). I just about shit myself, and then laughed. I didn't know the wildlife would take a nap like that!

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Years back, my friend and I were playing GTA: San Andreas and seeing how much destruction each of us could cause before getting killed. We'd pass the controller to the next person once that happened. It was my turn, I had exactly one health point left and was on foot running from the cops. I tripped over the sidewalk and lost my single health and died. Thought it was funny that my reign of terror ended because CJ was a klutz.


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In Fallout 4 I VATs punched a super mutant in the balls with a powerfist so hard his head exploded.

In GTA5 I accidentally threw a remote bomb instead of a grenade and somehow still managed time it just right and destroy the motorcyclists I was throwing it at during the first Trevor section.

I managed to screen capture the first on xbox one unfortunately the second happened on 360 so I didn't get it.


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Yakuza 0.

What part you ask? Nearly every part. From Majima doing karaoke and suddenly he's in a roller-skating disco outfit, to every time either of the protagonists sit down to play Out Run.

It's been a while since I enjoyed a game like this.


Me and some friends were playing Mario party 6 or 7, and we had the rounds set to 20. For most of the game one friend just got screwed over hard either not having enough coins, the star moving behind him, etc. It wasn't until the last 5 turns Bowser gave him his first star.

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The moment this video starts to around 1:20.

For context they're in a Silver Age comic, which they constantly get censored from saying bad words to comply with regulations, and they meet the star character of the comic Origami Lad who is just, great.


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F-zero x: one of the tracks has a ramp where you have to use the boosters to propell yourself the catch is that road that leads to the ramp becomes more smaller and smaller until only like 2 or 3 vehicles are around you I got my myself killed because getting rammed while having low energy and ALSO fell to my death what made me laugh was that captain falcon was screaming while falling outside of the road even though he was supposed to be dead from the combustion
Fucking Port Town man!

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