Random vidya moments that made you laugh -


At one point in Half-Life 2, you run into a rebel outpost where you're given the rocket launcher and have to take down a gunship. After the gunship is taken down, for some reason some rebels, unlike every other friendly NPC in the game, can be killed by ramming into them with the jeep. You can actually cause a game over if you ram into the guy that opens a gate for you.

Another weird moment that gets me, in the same location no less, is this one NPC that stands up in a tower where, if he is killed, this weird-ass noise plays. I couldn't really find any good videos showing it except for this one.
Easter egg? Wrong sound? I have no fucking idea, and honestly I think that makes it better.

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Postal 2. The AI will sometimes surprise you. One time I was standing in a crowd, a meter or so away was a cop with his back turned. So I pissed on his back and zipped up before he had time to turn. He said something like "who did that" and approached the crowd as if he's trying to find the perp. After 10-15 seconds he pulls out his gun... and blasts a guy in the face then walks away, mission accomplished.


Hitman 2 is my first real foray into the series and I wasn't expecting so many of the assassination methods to be so funny. Sending a target flying out of a hangar because you tampered with the ejector seat in the jet before his testing and clocking a smug bitch over the head with a Didgeridoo before kicking her into a hole all while dressed as a pink flamingo mascot is peak "video game".


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I'm playing Dead Island, and I chose the black guy because he's the blunt weapons specialist. He's hilarious because he's the most stereotypical black man you can imagine. Gotta love a man who wears his bling during the zombie apocalypse.


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Literally anytime this edgy fag opens his mouth.


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Literally anytime this edgy fag opens his mouth.
Jesus Christ what the fuck is that from

The 3D era GTA character models had a special charm to them, there was one time when fucking around led to a pissed off taxi driver chasing CJ around trying to beat him up, after swinging and missing for a bit, he ended up hitting an old grandma by accident, and then ran further ahead in pursuit

So i'm sitting here blocking taxi man's hits for the hell of it, meanwhile granny was slowly waddling directly towards us, my sister just kept repeating "Here she comes!" over and over until grandma caught up and proceeded to beat down taxi man and stomp him to death. Seeing her animation go from fat old lady waddle to street fighting thug in a second was amazing, even better when she started throwing up gang signs after killing the dude, and then just resumed the old lady waddling and walked away


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Been playing the 1st Red Dead Redemption alot, pop in the Undead Nightmare disk- zombies in the old west fuckin aye.
You go find your buddy Seth, who was grave robbing in the original storyline and tell him people in black water are thinking that glass eye he found was causing all this. Well he's fucking playing a card game with a zombie, you go to shoot it and he tells you it's an old friend- he wouldnt hurt a fly.
You try to tell him how serious all this is, husbands eating wives, this and that!
Very nonchalantly he replies, "It aint nothin'"
By far my favorite part. Well and once you come back from clearing out some grave yards he's fucking dancing with a gaggle of the undead... still don't know why they didnt attack him


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Yakuza 0.

What part you ask? Nearly every part. From Majima doing karaoke and suddenly he's in a roller-skating disco outfit, to every time either of the protagonists sit down to play Out Run.

It's been a while since I enjoyed a game like this.
So my roommate recently got into the Yakuza games, but he played them very out of order and played Zero first.
I'm only half paying attention because I'm just sort of in the area and doing my own thing, but okay, Majima is this pretty serious dude, very cool, I can dig it. Sad, heartfelt story arc.
Then he goes to play some OTHER game in the series and I look up to Majima popping out of a fucking trash can while cackling like a maniac and wonder how the FUCK this series got from point A to point B. I still don't know but man that was some whiplash.

Shit I've played on my own time... In World of Warcraft I've had various fun bugs, but one of my favorites was a hunter's pet (already relatively large because it was a devilsaur/trex, larger still because pets scale roughly to their owner and the owner was a tauren or something) inexplicably end up the size of a raid boss. We were running a dungeon and it was practically impossible to see but damned if I didn't laugh my ass off seeing it absolutely tower over most of these demigod NPCs who were supposed to be towering over US.

For anyone who's played ARK: Survival Evolved, aka the game that lets you fuck with all the settings... don't ever turn hatch speed to maximum and breeding cooldown to minimum. I don't even remember how I ended up with that (trying to figure out why some dinos of mine weren't mating, I think), but on a Ragnarok map was casually flying along until an infinite stream of wyverns came pouring out of that fucking canyon as a result of my poor decisions and absolutely murderfucked me. I uh, I lost some good dinos that day.


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This was more like a social awkwardness laugh, but I was hooked on GTA Chinatown Wars, and on the second month of playing the game I was out and about in public? I opened my DS to "U WANNA PIECE O'MY PIE!?" at max volume sounded. God damn it!

In Halo 2 I fumbled a wraith tank so badly trying to do a trick maneuver it taken off the main weapon without totalling the tank.


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So my roommate recently got into the Yakuza games, but he played them very out of order and played Zero first.
I'm only half paying attention because I'm just sort of in the area and doing my own thing, but okay, Majima is this pretty serious dude, very cool, I can dig it. Sad, heartfelt story arc.
Then he goes to play some OTHER game in the series and I look up to Majima popping out of a fucking trash can while cackling like a maniac and wonder how the FUCK this series got from point A to point B. I still don't know but man that was some whiplash.
Without getting too much into spoilers, there is a scene, can't be more than about seven minutes long, but it perfectly explains why he goes from serious to lunatic.

And it makes perfect sense why.

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Playing Kenshi. One of my first decisions when i hit 10 recruits was to do a recruitment run on the swamp and there i met Doctor Chung. A pretty spiffy guy that asked me for 3.5K to recruit him and take him away from an organ harvesting operation. He's obviously a good medic. Later i discovered he's a unique recruit and therefore has unique lines of dialogue.

One time after a fight while he was patching up my guys and he said "I've seen plenty of nasty stuff in my time. Exploding eyeballs, bursting testicles, you name it..." to which the guy he was healing said "Is that supposed to make me feel better!?" and he answered "No. I'm a doctor, not a whore. Now sit still and let me do my job". He instantly became one of my favourite units along with Lumi, Beep and Infinite Wingwang.

Also, one time after i was done pummeling a bunch of bandits one of my guys said "Killing bandits is actually kind of therapeutic". I got a lot more absurd Kenshi experiences, but i don't want to bog down the thread about things like the time a tax collector got murdered by man eating giraffes on his way to my base or when i befriended robots that skinned people alive to wear their skin.


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Saint's row 4 the strip club mini game. Especially the way it changes your character's clothes as you do it. I can never listen to Robert palmer's simply irresistible the same way again

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Replayed Skyrim a little while back. Always a few amusing glitches in Skyrim

During the part in the main quest where you have to lure a dragon into Dragonsreach I performed the shout needed to call the dragon over, at which point two dragons spawned, one being the correct one and the other being a random legendary dragon. I managed to get the scripted event to happen where Odahviing, the correct dragon, walked into the trap, and proceeded to just watch as this other random dragon tore the place apart behind me, mixed with the sounds of npcs talking about how glad they are that the dragon is now safely trapped.

I eventually killed it and its skeleton got stuck underneath Odahviing, glitched the fuck out and spun up into the ceiling.

'Twas beautiful...


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That AoC horse video reminded me of another griefing classic that allowed a savvy Don't Starve Together player to dance around the built-in griefing protection and annihilate most of a server with a fresh character and less than ten minutes of effort. May not be as funny described as witnessing it in person, but I'll try since it's easily the fastest I've ever seen a server in any game go from chill to frothing mad.

So DS and DST (both best summarized as Calvin and Hobbes: the survival game) both have a very dangerous enemy called a treeguard.
Whenever a player or NPC chops a tree down and there are pine trees nearby, each rolls a <0.1% check to see if it uproots itself, becomes a treeguard and aggros the tree chopper. These things are very, very slow and unintelligent (they do nothing aside from blindly trying to melee you) but hit like trucks and can easily kill you in two shots if you're unprepared, so the best strategy for dealing with them is just usually running far away until their aggro drops since they're a giant pile of HP and very difficult to handle unless you can gang up on them while heavily armored.

One other important note about DS in general is darkness is lethal. As the game runs entirely on little kid logic, the darkness IS filled with intangible monsters which will kill you very quickly if you have no light source so nights generally involve players clustered around campfires waiting until dawn and managing inventory.

Anyways, the funny part. When Don't Starve Together came out and adapted the game for internet multiplayer the treeguard AI had an amazing bug: The aggro would NEVER drop regardless of distance to their target, proximity to danger or statuses. It was very common to have these things come charging out of the darkness into the firelight in the middle of the night after following their targets for days. More often than not this would bring them close enough to the fire for it to spread to them, and from there the fire would generally eradicate most of the map since the tree gave exactly zero shits about being on fire and would happily continue attempting to terminate its target while spreading the fire to anything and everything nearby.

This bug was so incredibly apocalyptic for the few months it lasted that even seeing one of these guys would send admins into a frothing rage and send the server into an uproar trying to kill it before it could go full Terminator and start spreading fires. I've looked for good videos of this happening but all of them seem to lack the rage-filled voicechat that makes the tree's rampage so special.
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