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Dork Of Ages

Sopa de Macaco
kiwi farms thread on newgrounds' bbs featuring a poop fetishists screeching

@kadoink wrote a good post about him in the newgrounds thread, definitely worth a read
"I already have a loyal girlfriend and we love each other. I never hid my love of shit because to me it's not something to run away from. Should I say it again? I love shit from women."

"Obviously due to my relationship status, only one person actually will be shitting on me and that's fine."

"Also, consider this: when "lolcow," "lulz," "sperg," and the like form a regular part of your vocabulary, as is the case with many people there, you are a worthless human being that should strongly consider suicide."

"Obviously @Phototech I can't force you to like or love shit. I can only suggest re-evaluating everything you think you know about it and then decide for yourself if it's something you want as a part of your sex life, not just human waste."

"Aaah! Aah! Why did I click on this thread?! Why did I click on that link?! And why the fuck did I read anything on that site?! Oh my god! What the fuck?!"
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Official Account of Dr. Natalia P Zhikhareva
“When he said he needed £14,000 for a helicopter to get his men off the [oil] rig I sent every penny in my account, via several bank transfers,” said Susan.
I hid the torso inside of a cardboard box inside of my room, underneath some blankets. One day I came home from work and my mother told me, "I cleaned your room today. I moved that cardboard box. I didn't look inside of it or anything. I put it in your closet. I didn't open it. I didn't see what was inside."

It was really suspicious
from the yandere dev thread


Accidental Spy Kids reference, but with blud eyes.
"... tell Brave Software and Brendan Eich to stop enabling neo-Nazi white supremacist pedophile Joshua Connor Moon and his neo-Nazi white supremacist cyberbullying website Kiwi Farms via his neo-Nazi white supremacist cyberbullying podcast Mad at The Internet"
“I am tired of these neo-Nazi white supremacist snakes, on this neo-Nazi white supremacist plane!”

Prof. Loco

Getting treats as Swine Flu
"You people can't fucking tear me down. I have the brain of a motherfucking genius you will realize to stop this shit GTFO and how you suck for doing it. Anyone supporting this lying bullshit troll cancel culture shit is a fucking moron."

-Inferior Little Shit, September 22nd, 2019
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オウム 2

As a male I'm a solid 8 and as a female I'm a 7 or slightly better.

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