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"To Plaintiffs, Greer represents serial rape"
This comment on an A&H article had me crackin up all day

You best start believing in societies, You're living in one


Accidental Spy Kids reference, but with blud eyes.
God that youtube channel is a goldmine. Are there any accounts connected to it?
Not that I know of, maybe nool can go into his super mode and hack into YouTube’s mainframe.
Also the guy who runs that account has admitted to going to anthro con in one description.
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boldy in the streets, spooky in the sheets
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Ironically, I haven't had much of an appetite, so I've only eaten actual food like. . .twice this week.

Regardless of how well your liver & kidneys function, if you ever have a week or two where you drink too much or eat a bunch of junk, do a clear liquid diet for a day. You'll feel so much better.
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What kind of weirdo never thinks about stuff like baby rape, putting hamsters in microwaves or pedozoonecrosadism? 🤔
From this thread:

It is said A&H is cursed, but did you know Deep Thoughts was built on top of an ancient exceptional fetus and hamster burial ground? Pretty spooky.

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