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The thing that cracks me up about Clymer is that he doesn't need to show his ass on twitter all the time. He doesn't need to do anything. He has permanent employment thanks to sucking up to the Clintons. His job is to just sit there and be the token tranny at the HRC. And yet he's driven to stick his dick in the mashed potatoes day in and day out. Go figure.
Her breasts look like distended udder sacs.
Who knows? Maybe his fate will be for his bloated corpse to be found under a bridge in a filthy tent. Finger and thumb still clasped around his tiny dick
me cant play instument

Dr W

Is there nothing you will die for?
yeah i can imagine the person writing that headline having some sort of breakdown while doing so then at the end just blowing their brains out.
It even generated a fitting reaction image for the meltdown:
I'm finna deadass vomit in my respirator looking at these
You willingly clicked a topic marked UwU, This Website Generates New Fursonas Using AI
What the fuck did you expect?
But, trying to imagine how I'd feel if an angsty Autist saw some old thing I wrote, became utterly obsessed with it for years, and used it for the basis of his weird Dystopian revenge fantasy/crossdressing fetish extravaganza... Might be pretty uncomfortable.
Oh boohoo. Just let me post Crawling In My Skin on the world’s smallest MySpace profile.

Return of the Freaker


Dr W

Is there nothing you will die for?
...this whole fucking wall of text I produced is just mental masturbation but we're talking about a ridiculous smelly waddle monster here so technically none of this matters outside of the enjoyment we experience speculating about her grossness and gluttony.
Downstairs tard tried to intercept my postmates delivery, I always order a pack of cigs or a can of dip so they need to verify my i.d., he is now having a furniture tossing tantrum that's echoing through the building.
No one gives a fuck. And you're stupid enough to use the same username for your YT and even share this comment under Yaba's video as though it was so insightful. You're dumb. Bye fatty.
That was so nasty I will have to masturbate to it
There a lot of guys with savior complexes, basically Captain Save-a-Ho.
That's it. We just need a bunch of guys to make animated camgirls to starve out the market for real thots and force them to get a job. Then technology and automation will take over yet another field as god intended.
Show us on the doll where the furfag touched you.
This image is making me feel emotions. I can't tell what any of them are, but none of them are positive.
Oh, this will end well.
It's the face. Its smug aura mocks me.

Dr W

Is there nothing you will die for?
He's a coprophiliac, what pamperchu eats comes out at 98.6 F no need to cook it.
Damn those Satanic Nazis who are assumedly also listening to the devils music - rock and roll while smoking wacky tobaccy and playing violent video games!
these read like a 12 year old trying to Write a Korn song lmao
Even her eyelids are growing seconds chins.
PPP also has the Lord, God Almighty, on his side, and I've heard word he has been eating nothing but Surfers porkchops laced with Human Growth Hormone in order to "stunt the gunt".
There is a negative correlation between understanding law and fucking dogs.
At least CatParty can copy and paste text into their ragebait A&N threads.