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Dr W

Is there nothing you will die for?
Jesus, both of these posts are cursed as fuck. I cringed in real time.
I’m convinced Kiwifarms could find Madeline McCann at the rate you guys dig up information.
Can’t believe shrek has a smaller gunt
An absolute unit.
The face of a man who has realised what a terrible mistake he’s made
Losing weight will mean she’s far less likely to suffocate in her sleep under her own fat, but hey, soggy mcdicks burgers are WORTH strapping a machine to your face every night to pump air into your lungs so they don’t collapse beneath a six-inch blanket of greasy orange body fat.
Oh yeah, that guy. Here's how he developed his clown fetish if you're curious.
Whoever came up with Poe's Law should have patented it. At 1 cent per use, he'd be a billionnaire by now.
Great, if I want to hook up with a dumpy legbeard who hates men, I’ll follow this advice.
Bitch did I ask
You should take your meds more regularly, or at all
Listen, Pam, the only manner in which I want to know how deep a woman is pertains solely to her ass, throat or cunt.
You want to slather the target area in vitamin E and then whip them with a car antenna. Old pimps swear by it.
Footfags can ruin everything.
She probably scared the fuck out of her cats, screaming like a crazy person for no apparent reason.

Dr W

Is there nothing you will die for?
He literally looks like a cross between Baby Jane Hudson and one of those stunted growth orphans from the former USSR!
There's a difference between "skinny kid" and "concentration camp kid". Kids, especially boys, can get pretty goddamn skinny before it starts to look actually unhealthy. Desmond is not helped by his facial structure, but if you wiped off his clown makeup and put him in a hospital bed you'd think he was a cancer patient on the way out.
I mean honestly I would play with wood blocks now...
The blood-drip typeface represents the constant seepage through the gash wound.
Tam-Tam might have a new slave in the coming years, if she lives that long. This is yet another blow to old Tamzilla. But like previously said by Foopa Troopa, theres no evidence yet. She might just be pregnant with a bucket of chicken, extra crispy.
We want Big Smoke’s order and we want it right friggin’ now!
It’s like fucking Groundhog Day, but instead of learning anything, she just gets fatter.
Alone downstairs, Clotso is undoubtedly fupa-deep in a pile of Beef 'n Cheddar wrappers right now, manically policing her comment section

Dork Of Ages

I give him a head-bop!
:) Ever heard of general butt-naked and his drag queen killer squad of child soldiers?
Best to go all in and create a genderswap DLC for each character. I want my gayboy Elon and his pregnant boyfriend to get killed by a feminine man.
Louis Gagliardi said:
Sitting in the middle of my floor drinking on unshaken orange juice... I got an anti trans terrorist group coming after me.
KiwiFarms is the opposite of the furry fandom and KiwiFarmers are the opposite of me.

People in the fandom, who I've known for years were told "Khord Kitty is a pedophile!". Now a friendship is destroyed because they had no awareness that KiwiFarms was simply a group of lying psychotic, evil slandering cyberbulling incels.

This 47 pages of my facebook conversations, twitter posts, website-watches, and text messages all prove, without a shadow of a doubt, I pass the test of being the this forums chief arbiter of morality, ethics, and legality.

If you really want to troll good, study the works of one of the greatest insult comedians of all time: Yucko the Clown.
Original post has more great quotes.

Dr W

Is there nothing you will die for?
Don’t do it, bro.

Save your brain cells.
Well, surely you've heard of the guy who faps to floor tiles.
In the Facebook offices, no one can hear you do anything but scream.
You can't just sidle on up to her and bluntly ask for feet pics, you gotta ease them into it first.
Boy I hope the FBI doesn't see this post where I say Every member of Congress should be tarred and feathered because half of them are commies who want to bring back the Soviet Union and the other half are a bunch of AIPAC whores who want to turn the United States of America into a colony of the Nation of Israel. The also pretend to bicker about immigration and gun control even though they'll come together with an amazing sense of bipartizanship every time a piece of legislation crosses their desks to destroy our civil liberties. Every one of these things are treasonous whores. Not people, things. Things that happen to be whores who hate the American people. Oh and fuck the Federal Bureau of Investigation and every member of the Department of Justice. Traitors one and all, every single one of you.
Oh my God I am so sorry I wrote so much I'm baked
Because the FBI has shown itself to be completely untrustworthy. And liars. If we followed Sharia law (Inshallah) the word of an FBI Agent should count less then a woman, a whore, or worse, an actor.
Take the black pill, don't vote at all, sit out and laugh at the normies that do vote and laugh at the side that loses and seethes.

But when you have a choice between a murderer and a rapist, does evil even exist anymore?
I'm honestly beyond sick of going to a voting booth to decide whether I want to get kicked in the shins or kicked in the balls.

Dr W

Is there nothing you will die for?
They forgot to count Islamic incels, especially during their month-long bomb-a-thon, Ramadan.
I thought it was okay for them to call us gamers as long as they didn't use the hard-r...
so you're saying in 10 years the australian government will be forced to sign a peace treaty with some kind of incel liberation army? :story:
For the same reason that people wear jewelry, except that in this case the jewelry can be fucked and pissed in.
Someone hasn't heard of Designer Anal Beads then lol
It's like a necklace but for your bunghole
El Goblino...

Santa Maria, por favor libranos de la oscuridad de El Abominacion y las garras de La Creatura y EL Americano.

Kavanaugh got #MeJewed by (((Hollywood))).
Ah... this year's salty journo tears harvest will be a memorable one for sure.
Huh. I’d assume most people working at Facebook would consider the CP one of the job perks.
Yes I can see she's an eternal loli and possibly has fetal alcohol syndrome. It amuses me to no end how much environment loli angers people so much by doing so little

Hamplanet Fitness

True & Honest OnlyFan
True & Honest Fan
"I have also encountered Hillary Clinton, who had with her a Thermite welder, and a man to operate it, it was used to heat up a red hot poker within just a few seconds. That was more than ten years ago, and is the reason she has a hole in hole in her tongue." -Kelly Karl Sleight
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