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True & Honest Fan
The girliest neck beard uwuuuuu.
Kevin manages to be a disappointment to all of humanity by finding sexual satisfaction from emulating kissing via running in place against another player's character via Animal Crossing.
I wonder if this "roofer" needs transport and an armed companion for delivering his "tiles" to those in need in run-down parts of town if you catch my drift? Maybe the ranch makes the "tiles" out of "premium Alpaca wool"?
not even a hypothetical fusion of Buddha and Gandhi would find Louis deserving of a generous gift if they knew a sliver of his history.

Dr W

Is there nothing you will die for?
More evidence of why the human species needs put to sleep.
Don't just cocktease us. Put out: I want to see how the sausage is made. (It's made by feeding raped furries into a grinder.)
"I am nothing if not a lifelong student" is quite an ironic statement from somebody who consistently fails to learn anything.
Care to put your money where your mouth is, faggot?
2200 EST, 05/28/2020, 4210 Wolfetown Rd, Cherokee, NC 28719
Bring as many of your cowardly friends as you want; I'll go to prison, but all of you will go to the morgue.
Sick powermove, bruh. Did you forget your pills this morning?
little lexmechanic is just salty because he was the ugliest in his class and the only one not molested
People are breaking down mentally in the comfort of their own homes after a few weeks, just being in jail would kill these people. No backbones. The NEET lifestyle is for hardcore motherfuckers only.

Dr W

Is there nothing you will die for?
Inb4 DMCA for the saggy tit pics
"Yeah, wouldn't it be great if we could go back to cowboy times and just live as bandito?" - a sad fat man angry about his furaffinty account being made fun of.
There will be no shortage of autists in the future. The future of Kiwi Farms is secure.
stuff like this is what drove me from being mostly apolitical and tolerant to becoming a literal nazi over the course of the past decade
Take your clothes off if you want money.


Never knows best.
Greer tried suing the site owner for IP infringement, but after consulting with an attorney, the conclusion was that the site owner has no assets, so it would make the entire litigation process meaningless and costly for no reason.
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