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Dr W

Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.
This is some next level brain damage. Just eat your shit in the privacy of your own home like the rest of us.
1. modz are trolling me through this avatar. I didn't chose it.
2. autism is internet speak for high iq
3. racism is nationalism, you're a racist for wanting a border, a nation.
Congratulations on being the least autistic person in the thread.

Bear in mind that you are now being dunked on by someone who thinks cartoons are real.

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Can all you niggers stop posting in this here thread. I'm looking for real action.

I wanna see white wimmins getting raped by 10 crack head niggers.

I wanna see the national guard mowing down rows of "" protesters "".

I wanna see the police lynching uppity Tyrones and Shaniquas.

I want the real action.

Stop shitting up the thread!

This is serious!
Does he realize he'd need to have a corkscrew shaped penis like a duck to have sex with one?
No, John called me a faggot because, in fact, I am a faggot.
Several years ago, I was listening to a local radio station when I heard an ad for some mong's Chrono Trigger fanfiction kickstarter. I was absolutely floored by the unabashed autism.
Another question, just out of curiosity: Since Deryn is 121 years old and only looks like a teenager: How tight is her pussy?
It is the opposite of autism, it is cosmism.
Question; are video game also real?
Sucking cock IS serious business!
Transported to Another World, I Started Raping Cartoon Ducks
I'm sorry but this thread doesn't have nearly enough ass pregnancy.
I heard you fuck dogs, that is not very nice
Just become popular and awesome like me. Every time I post "nigger" I get 20 likes.
i want niggers to rub their juicy black dicks all over my face and brutally gangrape me. any questions? i am the 2pac of BBC gangrape.
Well I see he faps to anime girls, has autism and is a racist. Couldn't get any worse.
I'm just waiting for the inevitable mass shooting in the Philippines so I can say I did my part to help push him over the edge
When you're so pathetic you can't even rape a duck right.

brutal poodle

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Even after your fictional pedolust and bestiality, it's really your absolutely shit-tier basic taste in anime that disappoints me the most.
I came into this thread to laugh at an insane person, instead I learn about duck rape.
This thread has the word 'duck' in it so much that duck doesn't even sound like a word anymore.
oh god you’re serious aren’t you.
Aren't there more important things to do than lust after underage ducks?
theoretically yes we can do worse
Would you kill a man for a Klondike Bar?
do you also want to fuck a 15 year old cartoon duck, yes/no?
He only has one possible state when you observe him: moron
I never thought that I would say this, but this post changed my opinion about abortion.

Dr W

Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.
Gross. I feel sorry for the other people in that hospital. They have to smell that.
And he’s sooo humiliated about shitting his diaper, then next pic he’s SO PROUD of it. Its like, make up your mind, dude.
Imagine how devastating that post nut clarity has to be when you temporarily come to your senses covered in shit and wearing a diaper.
Dude is a pioneer, blazing a ghastly, cursed trail. Wonder what this generation of troons will be like in a few decades, if they don't 41? The answer is: Pansy Faggotte. The future will be full of Pansy Faggottes.
Imagine getting raped so hard you turn into this faggot. Some spooky shit right there.
Smoking meth is not healthy, and has been scientifically proven to turn people trans.
The fucking noises that creature made shoving that dildo in her larynx reminded me of a zombie with smoker's cough AND Emphysema.
you know the rules. faggots must upvote all my comments in this thread to get a serious response. and yes you're a faggot.


Halloween's a shoe-in.
No, the first thing you see on my profile is that I support Spez, because he actually tries to make the world a better place with his platform, unlike this null faggot who still lives with his mother.
Why should I care if it's true or not, I just like writing retarded shit on the internet, I'm not gonna read through a bunch of websites to get to the truth.
You ones should really just leave Webby and me in peace.
The main donators behind autism are Flintheart Glomgold and John D. Rockerduck.
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Dr W

Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.
Maybe you can accuse your nephew of misgendering you, steal his sippy cup in righteous retaliation, and drink it out of that.
Care to put your money where your mouth is, faggot?
2200 EST, 05/28/2020. 4210 Wolfetown Rd, Cherokee NC 28719
Bring as Many of your cowardly friends as you want; I'll go to prison, but all of you will go to the morgue.

Dr W

Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.


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