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He's just going on a peaceful jog bro. Those elderly folks were intimidating him with their whiteness.
Niggers not even once.
i'm in a super secret autism chamber
Goddamn niggers
This nigga is a time traveler.
Nigger got doxxed faster than it took him to beat up a grandma
haha rape is funny, amright gurls
How do you do fellow TIKTOK TEENS?
But what if I don't wanna peg?
Oh, I’ll peg the shit out of you, you’re gonna do what I say, like cunt, I will rape you! You are within raping distance, therefore I will rape the shit out of you! So who’s doing the fucking now?
Shut up, bigot, it's stunning and brave!
Teenagers are idiots.
That ban can't come soon enough...
Your consent isn't a factor.
Thought the guys were gonna have an orgy

Dr W

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done.
I've drenched heifers smaller than that wretched mass of flesh. Bloody hell that's cooked
That is so pathetic, you should ask your doctor for a rope prescription.
Evidence or commit neck rope
'genderfluid they/them yansim gremlin' i hate redditors. this is mental illness
>ywn have a 1.5 million dollar masturbatory
Why even live?