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"I wish I'd had an abortion."
I wish her mother would have, too.
Lena don't touch your sister's privates!
who is Grace Dunham and does she have any of Jeff's puppets?
Of all the phrases that can be used to describe a child 'sex property' is not one I would use.
She's truly a repulsive bag of human trash.
The only thing in this car going down is the window, cuz your pussy staaaank!
One could actually willfully want to fuck DiVito
her inner thighs look like they smell like mayo.
What's the point of being fat if you don't have bomb-ass big tittays.
Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and Lena Dunham is still a fat, ugly, child molesting retard who says retarded things
The Nightmare Every Day of the Year
Stuff is only ugly if whites made it.
Well, that boy doll was planning on calling somebody.
It's the internet buddy, it's the internet.
How messed up do you have to be to call a child a cunt for acting like a CHILD!?
We are reaching Sperg-Levels that shouldn't even be possible.
>Talking about eight year olds fingering and having sex with each other
I freaking love this cow.
If anyone unironically bitches about whitewashing here, we should mock them and then dox their pets.
Some of these are making my fillings hurt.
Jesus Christ, they're just dolls.
I hope I'm making you uncomfortable with my broken mouth and raccoon makeup
I was huffing the fumes from dog shit
Ah yes "too gay for this and too gay for boys" says the woman married to a man.
all sex is rape
You're a weirdo whether you like it or not.
You're braver than most U.S. veterans for redrawing that disgusting thing.
What is it about dog parks that brings out the worst in white bitches?
own the cucks
Fucker's been dead three years and still manages to keep popping back up on the first page.


Segmentation fault (core dumped)
True & Honest Fan

Angry New Ager

CLINTON 2020: "One Nation, Under a Groove..."

Local Fed

Dolly Parton fan account
Tourism is the same as terrorism.
Karl Marx was a Marx brother who got into politics because he wasn't funny.
This led to telling my mother I couldn't find my diarrhea, and later whispering to my confused father I had diary.
I also knew that Africa was where all the bad diseases were. So every time I saw a black person I would hold my breath until they were out of sight so I didn't get AIDS
I thought, I had magical powers.
Being gay was a side effect of having AIDS.
i used to think that pepperoni was a vegetable.
I burried raw popcorn thinking it'd become a popcorn tree.


2016, we finally have a college course on Beyoncé. What a time to be alive.
how do these fuckwits find themselves in academia..
Shouldn't have lied about your dick, bro.
Is this the Nutshack?
Boomer!!! We got a boomer over here!!!
God forbid we do a disservice to pedos lmao.
Nigga this bitch is drawing child porn are you DENSE???
Horse cock? More like cock horse.
Yeah just further proof dropping those nukes was America's greatest mistake
There is no bottom of the barrel is there?
Is that the same guy that did the shitting dick nipples meme?
9/10 thread, would fap to bento again.
I have no idea what I'm looking at here.
No, seriously.
jesus fuck...

no one does sick fuckery like japan does
There was also a picture of a guy getting his penis lit on fire with very realistic burn marks and half his penis was shriveled but it was shota so I can't post it here.
Hey baby murder mill! Come get your hamwhale degenerate!
Why am i not surprised that the hypnosis pedo goblin is number one.
Never thought I’d see Danganronpa piss porn.
Bitch, eat yo greens.
Nicki Minaj platform asses over here
Autism exists within every race.
the cum chalice man
I don't have a problem, I just have 38 different kitchen knives.
An autistic nigger that does all of my housework.
Turn that cat into bread.
Years from now, when historians search for what set the millennials apart from other generations, all they’ll find are essays about faggot cartoons.
Remember gais mushrooms are a healthier option then LSD
The agricultural website known as kiwifarms.
The magic of Kiwi Farms

Local Fed

Dolly Parton fan account
I thought that the UK still looked like in the 17th century.
I thought cartoons lived on the moon.
I was even so blind as to think WOMEN could be contributing members of society that would ever take an interest in someone like me, Elliot Rodger.
man, reading Elliotts manifesto made me nostalgia hard.
I had wanted to impress my English teacher by knowing old time slang and words, so I told her one day that I was feeling a bit fagged out after gym class that day.