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Hetalia should never have been allowed to exist
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Chapter 1: Harry knew internet validation was his most treasured dream. Signing up to be a video game speed runner, he celebrated by putting on his mothers dress and his rainbow programmer socks for a hearty sissy-porn jack off session.
JK "Transgenders Go in the Blender" Rowling
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JK "Other 59% Solution" Rowling
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Dr W

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Alright, everyone, I'm out. I've had enough time on this planet. Thanks for the laughs, the tears and the meat sweats that this thread provided.
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Everything on her body likely causes her pain: aching joints and back pain, roll rash, skin friction, her rotting teeth, her festering boils, scaly feet, overgrown toe nails, the excruciating skin pull from her enormous gut hanging down, wearing ill-fitting clothing and underwear, steering wheel crammed into her gut when she drives - she may not notice if her inner thighs and labia are scalded to bleeding.
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