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Wow, what a chad move. He is like totally the ultimate bad boy! Manbabies take note. 🥰🥰🤏❤️

Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Cyber Bullying Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha

You're in Jail do do do do do do
Drop the soap do do do do do
Here comes bubba do do do do do
Run away do do do do do do

He threatened to swing his dick at children and acts like he’s the victim

>nothing you can do about my dick in changing rooms

Unrelated but remember that video of the chimpanzee raping the frog?

That's one hell of a fleshlight choice.

Those strippers are gross and I would not have sex with them.

Instructions unclear, I got my astral dick stuck in the ceiling fan.

I quite like dicks but I wouldn’t want someone else’s stitched to my crotch. That’s proper nightmare fodder.


>tfw no deranged loudmouth nazi gf

If you're not cranking it until your dick bleeds it's not an addiction, pussies...

So take the lesson from the experiment. When a man has the urge to watch porn, surround him with several horny women he can fuck until he wears himself out. Porn addiction solved.

why are you trying to fit a woman's entire tit in your mouth you absolute doubleposting virgin

literally who the fuck cares, woman. now gb2kitchen and make me a sammich before i smack you for writing a lot of propaganda but saying nothing at all

Hands off my cock, Tony.

Fauci's just gonna be railing lines of coke off of stripper's asses by himself and he doesn't want his lame ass kids taking any of HIS yuan.

Attention shoppers, would @knobslobbin please pick up the white courtesy phone and coof into it.

If you're not white you're a nigger.

Don't forget that jar of period blood!

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I mean, actors throughout history often tended to be prostitutes/harlots, this is just the industry returning to tradition. Only instead of doing it for cash, they're doing it so a certain wrinkled old man can win a vote against another wrinkled old man, which is somehow even more pathetic.
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Hillary Clinton is part of someone's fetish. Let that sink in.

I never knew Elmer Fudd had a more autistic brother.


I was banned from TYT forums for calling Bernie Sanders an elderly homosexual.


Imagine going to Murrica when your sister is literally dying from cancer just to bang some nasty furfag that wears diapers and shit himself.

ham is now a fruit?


Now THAT'S my president.

He was too gay to live.

Is it about global whorming?

I'm so racist I wanna throw pedos in gas chambers.

All troons automatically get assigned "Detachable Penis" by King Missile and can't change it.

That's one hell of a fleshlight choice.

Instructions unclear, I got my astral dick stuck in the ceiling fan.

I can't believe Himiko writes omegaverse fanfiction.

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"Smogon: NOOOO! You can't just avoid stealth rock by putting on boots!"
"Volcarona: Hahaha heavy booties go stompy stompy"

Dude looks like the Joker in drag.

I am willing to accept troons as valid now, on the condition that they will live underground and I will be allowed to kill them if they invade my garden.

Moles confirmed Futanaris

>family doesn't want to talk about it
>some scumbag reporter writes a whole article about a dead toddler

>Born in Charlottesville Virginia
Mother of Presidents and Lolcows indeed. The hell is in the water supply?

Kunty Kraft Karens

I need to get certified to carry a few emotional support hornets.

Local Fed

cops called again at boogie house

The thing is I could have asked her out without doing all of that, we had been flirting for a while at that point and asking her out was really just a formality. I mostly did it so I'd have an excuse to wear tight leather pants and show off.

I can't wait for the part when the German sex robots start ejaculating on the furniture.

Can you aerosolize bull semen? I'm asking for a friend...

Sorry, best I can offer is horse semen aerosol.

When your dream is to look like Mia Khalifa but you end up looking like Lawrence Of Arabia.

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my inner thoughts are apparently as horrifically racist as my outer thoughts