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Imagine an autist reeeeing about trains while summoning Meteor

John is just mad because his penis remains in a jar somewhere.

He was just culturally enriching them with diversity.

Trick question: Autistics aren't people.

Public CP advocate ends up getting arrested for possessing CP. In other words, water is wet.

Nigger, have you ever heard about tanning?


Autistic horses confirmed.

All the booze in the world isn't going to make me want to read through this shit

How's a space nigger supposed to land his ship on that?


This is sick, I'm quoting the internet and moving to Florida to become a seacow.

Is Jack Black a Smurf?


There is not a single aspect of torturing fictional baby characters that is not unsettling.

"Naked Florida Man found in daycare surrounded by bound and gag plush smurfs, tested positive for bath salts."

I was banned from TYT forums for calling Bernie Sanders an elderly homosexual.

I hope you find Jesus... And he rapes you

I did once get banned from an age restricted forum for saying I was 12. I was 12.

IRL I'm barred from a chain of hotels because the maid walked in on me snorting coke.

all churches MUST be burned in the name of odin

Got banned from GameFAQs for saying that the Jews were behind the failure of the Wii U.

I got banned from FB for calling a stay-at-home mom a parasite who should get a damn job.

Been banned from 4chan's /tg/ forum for reporting child porn on several occasions.

This Nigger needs to understand that swearing to Loki is one of the most cringe things you could say.

Got banned from twitter for saying "boys have a penis, girls have a vagina".

niggers tongue my anus


I'm not your bimbo mother.

Chat banned for refusing to show null my titty

someone measure the width of their dick and compare it to an egg so we can see how much a chicken can take.

Sounds like fowlplay to me.

who the fuck still watches the simpsons?

Imagine living a long life, and when you finally pass, your grandson decides to flex his shiny Dusknoir right next to your dead body... to a bunch of internet strangers.

You sure ain't black but you are a nigger.

None. I do it raw.

. Okay. I'll look up to heroin addicts, then. After all, you can't tell me who I shouldn't look up to, or who should influence my views on the world.

FUCK bean mouths.


Hang the fucker by his dick.

Well if @Miss Tommie Jayne Wasserberg is to be believed that little slut had papers and was gagging for it

Animal Crossing turned my mom into a Nazi. All she talks about now is gassing kikes and invading Russia. Won't somebody please stop the madness?

The cops planted that semen

Homos are always causing trouble


your local tranny hater
At this rate I can just start a debate @Gentleman Gamer about the ethics of eating shit thread tbh

Why do you feel the need to use the word like degenerate? As if having an unconventional interest has some connection to morality and the ethics of my character. Is it because you believe I am more likely to have some kind of mental issue where I would be in the position to cause harm to somebody? It seems like you're out to get me. To make me feel bad about myself. If anybody, YOU'RE the one of questionable moral character, displaying predatory, unsympathetic behavior towards me, that makes YOU the degenerate after all. Think about how you feel about that!

I think I speak for almost every sane kiwi in here that you are a fucking degenerate for unabashedly taking the bait I laid out for you and sperging out about your ass eating fetish on Kiwi Farms of all places. I am calling things as I see it.

But why? Why am I a degenerate? Furthermore, what made you feel the need to do this to me? Do you feel a shred of empathy? It doesn't seem so.

Edit: I'm unable to comment on profiles. Start a conversation with me in PM.

Dr W

Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.
They seem to believe that Dylan Klebold was shot by Eric Harris to frame him as a shooter. Which is weird since there's surveillance camera footage of him going Matrix mode in the cafeteria with a trenchcoat and a gun. I don't know who originated this idea or why.

In other words, while the politics of the day are fleeting, weird bondage fetishism is eternal.

They've devolved so much that they're not fantasizing about teenage wizards beating Voldedrumpf but instead now rely on prepubescent girls to do it.

He threatened to swing his dick at children and acts like he’s the victim

Stating biological reality now equals "explosive views." I feel bad for you Britbong Kiwis. Your island is fucked worse than my beloved US, and we have niggers running around with permission to burn down whole city blocks.

This planet deserves to fucking burn for not exterminating the niggers and kikes.

Status: Fat, angry