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I don't think this is normal behavior. A possible cure is a lobotomy.

The pig scene in Willow was supposed to scare you, not arouse you :(

Now I am become Diaper, destroyer of worlds.

I hope they all transform into raped corpses

Well Chris-Chan is hypnotizing his boobies.

there is at least one living being on this earth that gets off on thinking about being turned into chicken wings. i love humans.

Don't do transformation fetish porn kids. I use to think it was hip and cool to do but now look at me, stuck as a couch.

Fucking babyfurs making the most degenerate shit even more degenerate

Christmas it's bad because is a straight white males holiday.

Fuck it this is the new word for blackwashing.


It's like Stephen the Lesbian, except 100% serious.

Say the N-word on a Jamacian plane

But I don't want to catch superautism op



If your cock gets willingly locked in a chastity cage, it does not deserve ever getting out of the cage.

Anyone who bought not just a regular chastity cage but a deluxe internet connected, app requiring model deserves to have their junk held hostage for Bitcoin.

Once upon a time fuzzy handcuffs or a flog were the wildest things you'd find in the bedroom. Why you would need an IoT cock cage is beyond me.

"Let my weenie go!" Jesus, now I've heard everything. 🤣

If you're willing to spend money on a device you stick your penis in and connect to the Internet, you deserve to be fucked with.

Fucking coomers. They have to make everything about their fetish.

Just give LockPickingLawyer a call, he will free your dick in no time.

Don't mind me just walking my bitch

NOT Sword Fighter Super

"Cheerleeder" of Slapfights
True & Honest Fan
Donald Trumps poop chocolate stumps.


your local tranny hater
I'll never understand men who fantasise about raping women. In my sexual fantasies women actually want to have sex with me. God I'm so lonely.

Disagree, I guarantee most, if not all the people complaining have a truckload of shota rape porn in their internet history. SJWs always project like goddamn IMAXs and bitch other out for shit they're guilty of.

okay spatula

It's really a chick thing, girls are weird.

"I want a little bundle of dead plants on Valentine's day"
"I want to gouge little holes in my body and wear little shiny rocks"
"I want to be tied up and gangraped at knifepoint by psychopaths"

Every single man I've ever known has encyclopedic knowledge of world war II. It's the big one, and every guy has that in the back of their head a bit, jst like every woman has rape in the back of their head a bit.
I searched on PornHub for
„Fat guy beats off in front of literal children“

Age of consent matters even less when youre pretending theyre a toddler anyway

baby rape fanfiction. what a time to be alive.

Time to burn my city to the ground.

Why are diaper faggots crazier than yiffers?

That’s why.

just fucking choke on your paci shitface.

“NO mercy” what are you gonna do? Draw on the walls of the left in crayon? Make a boom-boom on their rugs?

He wans Trump to see him in diapers.

You heard it here folks, Diaper Boy is FAR beyond talking to niggers.

Stop talking bad about spanking or daddy's going to have to give you a paddling.

>implying there's a website with standards

"Im nigro"

is there...
is there someone out there with a mullet...fetish...???

I wish whoever greenlit this to be stabbed by his underage sex slave.

And no not the gay faggot. I mean the autistic faggot who grows up with no friends and gets into diaper fetishes