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Dr W

Everything is fucking troons. Troons need to die and burn in hell.

If using KF makes me a fascist then REV UP THOSE CHAMBERS

He/Him Lesbians

I miss the days when Jin was a harmless weirdo devoted to his pony wife and not some degenerate masturbating in his own filth.

Damn, they dressed quasimodo up in pirate gear and let him out of his cage

It's kinda fucking hilarious that Twitter thinks that autists are almost always bumbling retards who piss and shit themselves, coming from an autist.

Remember, estrogen pills are life-saving, necessary health care that trans folx would literally die without.
So of course you buy the robot toys first.

help i have consistently revealed personal information, including the state of my genitals and the best part of my pathetic life story on the internet and people on the internet have read that information

Null will fly down in a chariot of coke zero and change your pronouns to xie/xyr if you keep fucking around with those words

I can't believe a whore who capitalises upon the breakdown of healthy relationships between men and women is capitalising upon the further breakdown of healthy relationships between men and women.

The Onlyfans slide comes hits hard. Months ago doing censored videos, now doing rape scenes in the woods.

See the thing tumblr doesn't understand about autists who "stim" by hand flapping and chewing is that any mental health organization worth their salt would redirect the patient's urge towards something less disruptive like leg bouncing or a little bit of rocking.
But they don't.
Because being autistic is another of their fetishes like being trans and having Borderline Personality Disorder. They're a bunch of fucking munchies.

Pugs, much like Kevin, live everyday in agony and their existence is a sick joke.

Dr W

He got all the recessive, weaker, tranny genes and now they're going to fight atop metal gear rex

Wow you castrated yourself? That's pretty cringe, bro.

That is one very masculine forehead and skull structure for a TOTALLY REAL wahmin.

Welp it's official, I have now seen a cow troon out in real time.

back in my day men just came out as fagots if they where fagots
Kiwi Farms is my waifu.

>I'm just a virgin with rage

There's a "Let It Go" joke in here somewhere.

Ahh gee, the whole of the Sonic and Thomas fan communities is mourning the loss of this hulking menace.

We wuz survivorz and shiet!

Twitter is run by pedophile jews. Twitter jannies probably jack off to those photos

this clown world is turning into Pennywise world.

Post child porn? That's acceptable.
Support border enforcement? BANNED!

soulless guarantee

melanated BIPOC latinx trans* womxn of size
rotten kiwi.PNG
Relatively unknown tranny inserts this into a twitter thread threatening to sue KF between Rat King residents Richard "Terra" Jones and Rhys "Rachel/Veronica" McKinnon/"Ivy".