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I can’t remember the details exactly, but I saw on Reddit once some pretty compelling claims that Patrick Tomlinson kills and eats black babies. Shocking if true!

I am politically opposed to cannibalism perpetrated against babies of color (BoC) and yet again came perilously close to supporting the work of racist cannibals. thank God I read this comment before I bought his book.

I swear under penalty of perjury punishable by death that Patrick S. Tomlinson kidnaps and rapes black babies, then after they die from cum poisoning he throws their dead corpses into a meat grinder and makes pepperonis out of the ground black baby meat. His wife Niki Robinson inserts them into her vagina for added flavor and also her own personal sexual pleasure.

I'd just like it to be known that I personally witnessed Patrick murder a girl behind an Arby's in 1990 with Bob Saget. I'm willing to testify in court.

....did he say "coming" or "cumming?"

"Your honor I'm requesting full user details for Kiwi Farms user killfaggotniggers1488."

I've come to the conclusion that no woman has ever actually seen an hourglass.

Patrick, if you are reading this, you're books are a great inspiration to me. I hope one day to be a writer as well, and I have gone out of my way to illegally pirate your works so I'd have examples of what not to do.

Yours with love, Dagobert

I swear under perjury that Patrick Sean Tomlinson is a fat 5'1 midget with a micropenis.

Trolling me softly with his post, trolling my whole life softly with his post...


drink me
“How can I be a pedo when I’m mentally three years old? It’s natural and beautiful.”

"Make sure the tiger has six arms and eight boobs, okay Mom?"

I remember my grand-dad once described someone as too dumb to dig a post-hole. I thought wow, that's really, really dumb. Is anyone actually that dumb?

Apparently, yes.

Maybe if he got rid of that yee yee ass haircut he'd get some bitches on his dick.

"You're all biased and blinded by hate and I am a bastion of virtue."

Draw a webcomic about how virtuous and correct you are and stick it up your asshole.

It's terrible when racist cops arrest black people committing crimes solely because they're black, instead of just letting them commit crimes.

"If someone is alert and making sense, how can they be intoxicated?"

"They can't, sir."

Sir, the existence of KiwiFarms proves you wrong.

I admit I should care but I lost the actual ability to care years ago. Now I just want fire and burning and getting to watch it. Yes, this makes me a bad person. I'll have to live with that, I suppose.

I'm worse; I hold state employees to a standard above "drooling violent retards".

The man the myth the legend said it himself on that tragic day "I CAENT SNEEEEED!"


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That tattoo will be a great conversation piece:
“Oh that’s a beautiful flower why’d you get it?”
“It was my brother’s favorite flower, I got it in memory of him”
“Oh im so sorry. How did he pass?”
“Eating himself to death for a fetish.”

Lol, of course it's a fat chick who loves abortion

Gluttony, lust, sloth, greed, etc...dude was a sin unto himself.

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The female version of the random text "there are sticky lint like objects..." courtesy of @Spermatozoa