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Ball Ween Hammer
Nice try, FBI
Not today, CIA
Dirty tricks, MI6
No Deal, Navy Seal
Lay off the meth, ATF
Another day, Green Barrett
I'm not falling for that Trojan Horse, Israeli Defense Force
Good attempt at obscurity, Department of Homeland Security
Stranger Danger, Army Ranger
Forget your plea, KGB
Enough of you, JTF2
No foul play, TSA
Reassess, SAS
No dice, ICE
Cease, police
Stop, cop


drink me
Call me a fucking spasticoid but i love eating raw oats for breakfast

Man, I was kind of skeptical about this whole police brutality thing. But now that I've seen a poorly drawn cartoon animal spout a cumbersome textwall about it, I think I'm starting to believe it!

It's ok, we all think you're gay too.

gonna stitch shut my new vag

Hamplanet Fitness

I am an honor student at the college of gay
True & Honest Fan
-Sapphire Crimson Claw


drink me
He's a slayer of pedos and wife-beaters. For your everyday jogger vermin extermination you need to call a different number. Ask your grandpop, he might know more about the disposal of retired malfunctioning farm equipment.

hahahahahahaha holy shit this thread glows so bright I saw it from chat aaaaahahahahahaha

Uncle Ted 1, USPS 0.

"We're coordinating with leftist organisations to make sure that this spying operation only targets right-wing people and not the leftists rioters that are commiting several magnitudes more violence literally every day for literally years"

If they don't need to deal with it and hand it off to someone else, that's fixing the problem.

Look at that fucker strutting with his luxury refrigerator box.

Fucking disgusting trying to act outside his class.

" I had to get out of California, all the homeless people started moving in to my neighborhood. Yes i vote pure democrat, why do you ask?"

They got your vote. You've served your purpose so you can fuck off again now.

Where's your fucking hair nigger?

Holy shit you faggots are terrible at sneeding


This nigger bitch looks like a Bosmer & Redguard hybrid.

Can bullets even harm that creature?

This is how you get Batman. (And a 300% crime spike)

I assume that this is one of those gay frogs that Alex Jones was warning us about.

Because they're a bunch of smooth brain cuckolds who like watching their wives take jogger cock up the ass while they masturbate furiously to it.

He certainly does look like a Corpse Emperor

It's amazing how many shootings happen in Chicago considering no one is allowed to have a gun. You'd think criminals would have a little more respect for the rules.

Local Fed

Just don't let her vote.

Honestly if we are so autistic that we need to develop a standard for coonsoomers so we can stop arguing about what is and isn't coonsooming we could list everything that bothers us about funko people and work back

Lets see my list is as follows

I didn't realize they made soy face in woman's sizes

Thoughts and prayers to the victims, but this better not slow down my Amazon deliveries. I got some shit I'm waitin' on.

The word ape does come to mind when looking at the recent OF leaks.

Hank hill ass beer belly lookin ass hoe lol.

i am still going to call you a nigger.


drink me
Who the fuck is this DePenis guy and why is everyone slobbing his knob all of a sudden

Doing the weed every day saps your natural ambition and gets in the way of you discovering much better and more enjoyable drugs. Do you really want to wake up in 40 years and realise you're an old man who wasted his entire life without ever even getting a chance to try mixing heroin and crack cocaine together?

This is why I stick to meth
Not only do I have tons of motivation; not needing to sleep gives me a massive advantage against the shadow people who keep stalking me and putting bugs under my skin

I'm not an egregious racist, but I would never, ever have a black babysitter. Never. Too many instances of impulsive violence aimed at kids. Or aimed at adults. Or animals. Or windows. Or stores.

We wuz babysittaz an shiet

Cuckoldry is actually getting people murdered at this point.

Chris chan if nazi?

Gersh Kuntzman?! C'mon, that's not even a real name!


Extreme Repugnance
It also doesn't help that Dirlewanger looks like a femboy after they get too old to be considered feminine.

Fuck off sincerely. I don't have aspergers autism or schizophrenia. Please kill yourself bitch.

"The CIA niggers glow in the dark. You can see em' if you're driving. You just run them over, that's what you do."

- Terry A. Davis

For a moment, I thought you might be a glowposter considering you joined monday and seem to have only posted in this thread. But, I saw you were Turkish which, quite frankly, is far worse. You have my condolences, no human deserves to be Turkish.

He looks like Report of the week, but addicted to heroin

What's your favorite crayon flavor?


drink me
Im going shoot this wildcard idea. What about an Islamic banking company?

I like this story because everyone in it is an asshole. Judge? Asshole. Garcetti? Asshole. Homeless in Skid Row? Assholes. Homeless 'Activists'? Assholes. Pretty much all of LA? Assholes.

No shiny shekels for YOU, goyim!

How would they know what the alpacas identify as?

Looks like a disgusting shit eater on the left.

Found one of the Chinese infiltrators. Kill it.

no you just get dead niggas

Me and the boys launching raids on tranny compounds during dilation time and destroying their supply of estrogen. Instead of booby trapping things with explosives we just leave tape players that say “You’ll never be a real woman” when tripped. That solves 41% of the problem.