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Seriously, what's with religious nuts and their obsession with children masturbating?

They just want to really capture that forced feminine voice that only male vocal chords can produce.

This is no doubt meant to be eaten with homo man milk. Tastes just like AIDS!

That's terrifying. Who wouldn't want their infant dressed up in a onsie that says "be gay, do crimes" on it. Totally not grooming children. When's the "Rape me in a public bathroom because i'm fabulous" design come out?

If I saw a toddler wearing a “BE GAY! DO CRIMES” t-shirt, I’d question if that little baby was being kidnapped and if he didn’t know what was going on


Holy shit, you are right. If the hashtag actually gets some attention again, even if it doesn't outright trend, it could be very funny indeed.

Looking at the tag there's this one person on Twitter that is really commited to the "part of the LGBT" talking point and it's really great. They keep calling it the SLGBT+.
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He/she are honestly posting some amazing things in the tag. This flag needs to be shared around more, it's perfect and I can only imagine the rage it could cause.
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Some more tweets by the same person:
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there is literally no justifiable reason for cis gay men to not want to date trans men. dont like pussy? use his ass.


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Will this be followed by "FORWARD (Fuck Our Real Workers, All Receive Dividends)"?

So...just, a clarifying question: This incredibly racist program is designed to keep already-marginalized people geographically and financially trapped in the most infamously violent and expansive ghettos in the US?

Just get a job, retard. Nobody else should be forced to keep you fat.

I don't even use a VPN, who cares. What are they gonna do, tell my neighbors I say the word nigger? I call my neighbors niggers to their faces.

This right here is why I think kiwifarms is doomed. How is someone supposed run a website making fun of village idiots when the whole village (world) has turned tard?

I mean I cant tell if its satire or not. Fml

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Besides, it's not like anything he did rises to any criminality.
Just sayin'.
First off, bad w33n! Stahp that!
Same shit, different day
I support revoking nulls Citizenship to save him
I don't know whether I'd watch this or not.
Little goblin boi gets ugly troon with semen breath to do a toon with friends
The answer is obvious, Sealand.
I would suck them dry
hipster sushi. burned at the stake.

OP is a nigger: confirmed
You might be on to something there...
I shiver any time I see the word puppy on this site.
Null to Google soon?
"Not Terribly Relevant Guy Quits Day Job"


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It has been over a year into "14 days to stop the spread"
I try to stay still on the jungle floor as anal swab drones fly overhead, for weeks I've been on the run from The Jewnited States of Amerikkka and their Tranny shock troops consisting of gorilla retard strength troons hopped up on testosterone and amphetamines

A nearby town was wiped out by the Great Mask Cult of Covidiots, I am a dangerous, radical EXTREME anti mask Jihadist, wanted by the NSA, FBI and CIA for a bounty of 6 gorillion dollars, dead or alive, and was being hid as a fugitive on the border separating The New Confederate States of America (NCSA) and the rest of Weimerica
All it took was once glance at my maskless face while sneaking a gaze at some southern Aryan PAWGs for the Masked hordes of "medical professionals" and "experts" to surround the town en masse
I barely escaped with my life as my benefactors were cut down by bloody bonesaws wielded by doctors screeching "TRUST THE SCIENCE!!"

I'm low on ammo, 5.56 is 50 dollars a round as obese boomer hoarders have totally cornered the market
The cult nearly got me, and the Troontroopers aren't that far behind
pray for me

The only place I've ever seen this clear a discussion of the different ways red and blue states fuck the poor is here on the farms

Bro I got sports cards I’m waiting on and these chucklefucks are too busy reading my shitposts about the bubble fucking over the hobby instead.

Here’s a social media post they can monitor: I’m gonna take a big steaming shit in a mailbox on a hot Saturday in July so it’ll be nice and ready for collection on Monday.

I've been on the Internet for 15 years, some cunts still manage to annoy me. I don't consider this as a bad thing. If anything, that means I'm not emotionally dead and drained.

Why is this thread so gay?

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Bruh, how many drugs were you on that afternoon?

Probably a lot. It was almost a year ago.

I think we were all on a fuckton of drugs last summer.

Honestly, they should be put down as a kindness to themselves and every poor bastard that crosses their path.

How you remembered it is more baffling tbh.

Me when my employers find my old social media posts filled with olympic level racism

The term "transgender children" never fails to disturb me

I'm guessing that a gigantic faggot will post below me.

That lying bastard Tucker Carlson making more false allegations against me.

If you’re a dude and you have sex with a man who has a vagina, does that make you gay or straight?

Degenerate deserving of public lynching.


Anyone who likes Undertale is a lolcow.

5$ she'll buy a skeleton arm and use it as a dildo

agcollectors: Where a comment about liking a doll leads to talk of tranny cum.

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Sgt. Niggerhead could not be reached for comment.

Don't quote me again or I will come to your house and rape you to life.


Gonna cozy the fuck up with a blanket and some cocoa and watch THE UNITED STATES BURN

Krackhead Karen in her Kar vs Basketball-Americans, a battle for the ages.

Ma'am, your husband has autism.

Did Ricky Gervais refuse to fuck xer or something?

From The Uncanny Valley

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Something about flop accounts or something


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Generalissimo Trancisco Tranco.

Georgina S. Pattroon
Dyke D. Eisenhower

Sun Troon

This thread has been the biggest case of blue balls ever seen.


Go back to sucking big pharma's meaty cock idiot.

lol so some sheboon saw a drugged up nigger fighting cops, started filming because she probably found it hilarious and wanted to post it to worldstar or whatever the fuck and now she's a hero and will likely end up a millionaire at the end of this for doing fuck all :story:

Troonius Caesar

Boutros Boutros-Tranny

General Useless S. Gunt

Nobody is trying to crucify you, Lou. One look at you and they'd know you'd break the cross because of how fucking fat you are.