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There is no ethical consumption under
All he does is whine on twitter and piss the bed.

Vaush hands typed those posts

He'll care a lotwhen its cheaply made plastic toys that need to be unloaded

Either twitter natively supports this function or there's a service that lets you do it, but you can just vomit multiparagraph screeds and it'll get automatically parsed into appropriate character lengths without cutting up words.

There's also twitlonger which lets you post as much text as you want, but I don't know if this gets more or less visibility than just using tweets.

Misgendering anyone on the Ranch comes more naturally to me than drinking water. It's nice to see Rachel Dolezal dating people from the LGBTAQIAAP+ community ❤️

I've met three, all of them fucking bat shit and their boyfriends all got a "I told you so" when they poked the condoms. It's fucking weird too, they kept going on about how hot their pregnant stomach was and how they wanted to be fucked while giving birth. Women with a breeder kink are as bad as troons for the cumrot.

You'd think they'd get a blog or something to link to, or even a Patreon for the grift.

That feels random.txt worthy to me. Also sounds like you're an alcoholic. Get help. Your family is worried about your drinking problem. Not as worried as Kevkev's family is about him, but still.

All these fuckers are bleeding together


There is no ethical consumption under
Did you miss the memo? East Asians are white now.

We live in a society

In 30 years pedophilia won't be considered a crime either.

The more this horror show unfolds, the more apparent the wisdom of God's laws becomes. That the people circling the toilet bowl see nothing wrong with their behavior on the way down doesn't impress me.

At least weird polygamist polyamory freaks admit it upfront.

I can't trust the car mechanic down the street either. Does that mean he deserves the bullet too?

Is your car mechanic touching children?

I, uhh, thought my girl friend was being raped by a home invader or was in the process of raping a home invader. I had to stop both of them to be sure, your honor.

Merely I'm saying if there's a reason for him to get the bullet too, then there's a reason. If not then it's an apples to oranges comparison.

Those dastardly dykes

Gutting a person for parts is also very bad and will also get you a harsh punishment. With regular cheating though the only thing hurt is feelings, and that's why it's not a crime.

This would make a banger Law and Order episode.



“I can’t believe I just blew my load to a Trump supporter. I feel sick to my stomach.”


libtard detected
>anime avatar
>moon runes in user title
Sorry I don't want to catch aids.
Get your Christian Weston Christ sigma grindset DvD on sale at your local GameStop this December 25th!
This thread is a dumpsterfire. Be grateful I'm not Spergatorying it.
88th Circuit Coart of Appeals has found that dumpster fires are the norm in anything that HHH ends up being involved in and if we're going to let him derail threads we can't then lock them for being derailed.
shut up faggot you're not a janny don't tell us what to do
w-who the fuck sees a Strudel and says " I'm going to draw porn that"
Imagine doing everything you wanted, and you shit your pants on a livestream.
Gambling's like buying fifty crack rocks and only one of them having cocaine in them, and being fine with that.
Imagine complying with whatever tyrannical bullshit the government thinks of just so you can maybe panhandle a couple of bucks more.

You nigger cattle.
Yes, just heap more fuel onto this fire. Piss parents off more.
It's high time we start treating pieces of shit like pieces of shit.
I'd prefer to see ledditors rounded up and forced to fight each other in gladiatorial combat. Seeing anemic skinny fats and obese landwhales fight each other to the death with melee weapons they can barely hold up with their noodle arms would be a hilarious spectacle.
Biden came to my pool party and we found him fucking my dog in the tool shed. Confronting him, he screamed "COME ON MAN. IM A FUCK TORNADO!" Before falling over some bushes and screaming while trying to run away.
If there were a speedrun category for having your opinion discarded this would be the record holder
Environmentalists are just ecofascists without any of the good parts of ecofascism
“Wow you don’t want us to be able to tell your children that sucking cocks is a moral prerogative? You fucking authoritarian!”
"i stick my dick in soda cans with ants in them. the ants bite my dick and it feels so good"


Walmart leads the way! Whites unite!

Fun fact: most people believe it's called "horseshoe theory" because both sides of the aisle end up acting the same ultimately resembling a horseshoe in trajectory, politically. What it actually means is that there's people on both sides of the aisle you'll want to beat with a horseshoe until they lose consciousness.

I love the new branding: WeiMart.

Every day I feel greater being white.