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Null thought I was British, lol
Aug 25, 2019
When she saw the Rockies for the first time she honestly and without irony ask my in-laws if the mountains had been man-made. And she wasn't a stupid girl, she was an A and B student.
I am convinced that public schooling in the US is unsalvageable (was optimistic, but the last few years my faith has plummeted)…


drink me
Jul 3, 2019

Sleazy Car Salesman

Believe me when I say that I will take your money
May 27, 2021
Even from the Jail of Fail, our Most Holy Motherfucker still brings lulz
I can't believe the alt-right on Reddit has done these hate crimes yet again. Someone needs to shut that site down!
The internet hate machine known as eBaum's World must be stopped before it's too late.
I am just very disappointed and disgusted that this is an airline message board, and NOBODY posted a Bane meme.

Like what the fuck is wrong with you people, it's right there.
The forum I just rebooted for Southwest lists me, my men, and Dr. Pavel here. But only one of you. First one vaxed gets to post again.
“911 what’s your emergency “

“Hi can I have the internet police please someone said some mean words on the internet again “
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but if you say "nigger" on the internet you've literally committed genocide against millions.
She turned a literal porno situation where she fucked a repair guy into a three part essay. I never would have thought an onlyfans could be pretentious, but here we are.

Hitman One

[manic laughter intensifies]
Apr 30, 2020
What's hilarious is that the Twitter mob is trying to fuck over Chapelle and Netflix when he explicitly said:

View attachment 2629824

Guy's made his cash and so has Netflix, they don't give a fuck


Nov 29, 2019
Could you imagine Nick Bate in India?
Ah yes, safety nets to ensure nothing goes wrong during crucial iPhone production step of leaping off the roof
Cookie Run fans shut the fuck up about sexuality/gender challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)
You want some real fun? Message posters from r/gangstalking with random alpha-numeric codes. It really brings the schizo out.
>Stick your peepee in a fuck-ton of women
>Decide NOT to clean your peepee
>Wind up getting sick from easily-treated peepee condition
2008 called, they want their meme back
Anyone involved with the creation of the federal reserve should be dug up, atomized, and then their ashes pissed on. Every relative of theirs should be raped and skinned alive.
Um, no sweetie. That’s not what the Science says. Get the jab.
My God. They're now forcing people to BREATHE 5G.
"Today in Politics, the Speaker of the House told the House Minority leader and I quote...to go suck Null's dick"
"I'm speaking!"
"You can speak to deez nuts!"
"President Joshua Moon disbanded the CIA today, when asked why he said:
"I told the motherfuckers over and over again how to do a Starter post on a LOLCOW and they just kept handing me 50 page reports...they didn't archive a single thing."
"The representative from New York motions to label these proceedings gay and unrealistic."
"House representatives today voted on a resolution condemning the Chinese government guilty of organising 'gay ops' across the internet"
"The congresswoman said,and i quote: "Xi Xinping is fat and i would not have sex with him."