Nov 29, 2019
Anyone who thinks the Chinks deserve humane treatment are fools who haven't watched enough Liveleak videos.
Maybe the real horror in this thread was the trannies we met along the way
Another L for the king of Ls HD
Severe short term memory loss is a sign of opiate addiction.
They are bitching because PvP rules have been rebalanced and it doesn't favour them.
Poor Kyle, not only did he have to go through the hell of a bullshit trial and get saddled for life with PTSD for defending his life, now he has to suffer the indignity of schizoposters pointing out his moobs on the internet.
Remember, these people are not your friends and they are not your family whatever blood ties you may have. They will never back you up and will more than likely ruin you and maybe even kill you for the chance at twitter fame if it ever came around. Cut them off and shame them as much as you can.
I'm shocked that hollywood celebrities and political ruling class are coming out in defence of a pedophile for the 80957695th time
thousands of blue checkmarks are currently googling "how far is waukesha from kenosha" and "waukesha racial demographics"
You're making me want to rub my hands together and laugh like an evil villain.
I see you are unfamiliar as to how the mentally ill are groomed into being proxies for politically motivated violence.
I'm starting to think these "people" aren't even human, anymore.
Niggers are NOT fucking human! We know this! We’ve been knowing this!
If these past few weeks have taught me anything, It's that Wisconsin is cursed and I should never set foot there.
Clown World isn't funny anymore. I want off the ride.
Blacks struggle with understanding the concept of a future. It's like trying to explain color to a blind person.
Don't gotta be black to be a nigger, just depends if you act like a fucking nigger
"Sure people have died but what's most important now is to not come off as racist"
If you're so emotionally invested in shit that does not matter and will lead to nothing that you start talking about killing niggers on my website you are literally the definition of "terminally online" and you need to go outside. Go get icecream or something.


I'm sorry. It had to be this way.
Aug 13, 2018
I used to have vivid dreams of birthing when i was young.

sperg at me some more , infant man.

your opinions about sex and gender in general are invalid and you're a twat.

Does your mother know about your coprophilia, you absurd autistic asshole?

tl;dr rage type at me some more you pathetic , overprivileged white boogie colonizer twats.
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Sleazy Car Salesman

Believe me when I say that I will take your money
May 27, 2021
Lol relax this is fucking hilarious.
He is The Fattest Man Alive and The Bearded Lady, all rolled up in a soft sourdough taco, with 41% fat Tranch dressing.
“I was at your restaurant with my TRUE and HONEST girlfriend, and the waitress was jealous that my girlfriend wasn’t hitting on her! She was also such a TRANSPHOBIC BIGOT, she began screaming at us when we tried to go fuck in the restroom! She was obviously jealous that we’re hotter and she couldn’t join! I was robbed of my opportunity to coom so hard! She was so unprofessional and rude, she could have just politely asked us to not have relations in the public bathroom!”
I didnt read all of your post
but im wondering, why so retarded?
are you doing a reference to the movie Dumb and Dumber (1994)?
Where the characters are really, really stupid?
He might accidentally therapize himself for his anger issues, or this may be the start of the 'Unabomber but dumb' arc.
"The cis-heteronormative capitalist patriarchy and its consequences have been disastrous for the humxn race."
those snobby bitches should eat pepperoni hot pockets dunked in a glass of milk 3 meals a day just like all the poors
This place sounds more and more like a less cool Jonestown.
Every day, I wake up knowing that some where, some how, someone will say the stupidest fucking thing that day, and I'm always stunned at how fucking stupid it is.


Nov 29, 2019
Why is his asshole vertical? It looks like the Eye of Sauron.
why his back legs in italics tho
I feel like if you're going to hire someone to collect dog semen, you should be suspicious of someone who offered to do it for for free.

Especially if they licked their lips before responding.
Rather than features we need diversity hires and safe spaces for trannies. We need Null step down because he’s a cis white male and needs to be replaced by a stunning, brave and black penis-having women.
In my own defense, I didn't really think I was talking to a normie. I'm on kiwifarms, as far as I can tell, you're all deviant turbonerds...
modern black culture is unironically one of the worst things to ever happen to the united states.
He has deciphered the source code of Clown World and in fact has integrated it into his very being.
"All you had to do was take it EZ babe!"
dutchmen don't know how delicious it is to pour gravy down your facehole while Uncle Ted talks about politics and jesus and the nazis
I bet if your whole family is super racist and you are as well then thanksgiving would fucking rule
I am totally alone and have no friends or family haha, happy thanks giving!