hates dogs, loves vicodin
Nov 8, 2018
I have been telling this in the past, and I'll repeat: terfs are just broken clock showing right time. It's YOUR deranged ideology that was built on manhate, hating masculinity, suppressing natural male sexuality, feminizing boys, and creating a message of men bad girls good that cauzed shit you've gotten into.


Improperly Terminated
Aug 8, 2021
Sir this is a a gossip site about retards (and also for retards).
Autism. The answer is always, autism.
Lol autism makes it harder for you too detect bullshit... All I've done this afternoon is expose your flawed logic...

Explain that !?
You think its bad now just wait until thomas the tank engine finally snaps and jumps the track in NYC hauling a load of napalm and nitroglycerine during a christmas parade


Sep 10, 2021


(Currently being hoarded by flatbills)
Feb 13, 2021
Not turning unironically racist gets more difficult every month
12 acres and a lolcow. Not quite the same ring as 40 acres and a mule
How deluded can somone be to attempt to make a shitty poem about a pedo commie?
This is why I think there’s some autism ingredient in the fucked up diagnostic stew that is his brain.
Tip your top hat and seethe, you love this forum pussy boy.
So you sit there in your superman costume in your closet, scrolling this website, while your tranny wife gets BLACKED

Mr. Skeltal

Bone Poet
Oct 3, 2018
You need to take personal responsibility for the fact that you made a chain of decisions today that took you to this thread.

Part of you wanted to see leg holes. Part of you is glad that you saw leg holes.

In the Cringe darkness of the 21th century you are either a skitzo or a pill peddler.
That was the purest dose of incel cringe I've subjected myself to in quite a long time, thanks.
We'll have our revenge, fool, everyone will fall to black dicks.
If Taco Bell upsets your stomach, you are weak.
I can keep plenty of water and canned food handy, but none of that is gonna help when I need to take a shit.
But do you clean your toaster with your dick?

That's the real question.
What are the chances this is actually legit? 0 or zero percent?
Yes. I am a manlet. It's not my fucking fault. It's genetic. Dumbass.
At first I thought it meant Bashar al-Assad had passed, thank goodness it's just this guy instead.
just stopping in to call you a faggot
Almost all women are crazy. I decided to drop the sane requirement, and my penis has never been happier!
Because the void must be filled, be it by God or soymilk and 300 Funko Pops.
Damn. I wish I could afford that kind of hooker.
Not that I would use them. I just wish I could afford it.
How does it feel to get asswrecked by a man named Tucker?
[...] a cornucopia of semen.
Oh my lord. What have we done? We bred animals to have constant Resting Bitch Face...
Just gimme that green card and I'll commit all the war crimes you want
I bet we could get the incel faction to fight for us if we promise them a harem of art hoe war brides.
You may be thinking "illiteracy is a downside", but no! No. The illiterate cannot use Twitter, you see. This alone guarantees prosperity.
That's the fanciest buttplug I've ever seen


Improperly Terminated
Aug 8, 2021
(BTW my ancestors did own slaves)
I’ve debased myself enough, I’m done with this thread.
The internet and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.
You work your ass off to create a lasting successful business and afford your kids the best chances in life just for your descendants to turn out to be useless autists who get made fun of by other autists on an autism forum.
Heavens to Spergatroid, what a thread. :story:
now THAT is a reddit moment