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    We need a 3PL


Improperly Terminated
Aug 8, 2021
Oh great, now Ukraine has pajeets. Thanks Canada.
Can I come rock out with my *cock out?

You guys what the fuck are you talking about
I had no idea there were other quailfags on the Farms.
These birds sound CWC levels of special, so perfect for us.

Return of the Freaker

Based anime for специальные операции
True & Honest Fan
Jan 19, 2020
Hey Bro, fat women need love too. If you are scared of charging into those meaty trenches, I suggest jamo/knob creek combo shots. I call it "Potato Nigger Viagra."


Your local living [[BIG SHOT!!!!!]]
Sep 29, 2018

I cannot accepted restriction from me,
I cannot disrespected of me,
I don't blocked me.

Do not dying for me,
do not blocked for me,
do not deleted from me,
and never without me.


I am not incorrectly.

I am right and I am okay.​

Meat Target

A&H Chief Meateorologist
True & Honest Fan
Jun 24, 2020
He may be a mother raping tranny, but Chan Man has a level of integrity that Pat will never have
A little hard labor might do these soft, weak, crayon eating speds who peaked at age 8 some good.
Another head to put on dear leaders fence
Psychologists should use threads like this for super depressed patients. "I know you feel like you're not worth anything right now. Read this and I'll see you next week."
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Sleazy Car Salesman

Believe me when I say that I will take your money
May 27, 2021
I wanna see the Indian kid and his special ed friends cuss and go on adventures.
Catfishing, for keeps.
Ryan Haywood might be the only man on the planet that gets boners from seeing a short bus.
not only does she sound insufferable but she's literally plastering it all over twitter dot fucking com that's she's literally so god damn retarded she couldn't tell that someone was raping her. Her parents need to tard wrangle her off the internet or she's going to end up in a ditch somewhere in the next 5 years.
Idk weather to :story: or :stress: