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Aug 4, 2018
If it gets the pedos, I invite fetish ridicule. Sorry, SS uniform, you are hot, but it is for a noble cause.

I hate gay people and I hope all faggots die slowly and painfully.

Please don’t make me think about Dr. King’s urethra

But the twist is, the real Satanists were the Catholic Church the whole time.

>Spend one day around niggers?

Stay on your island if you know what's good for you, britbongs.

The only people who should talk to children about 'polyamory' are the court-appointed social workers explaining to the children why they have to go live with a new family.
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Sleazy Car Salesman

Believe me when I say that I will take your money
May 27, 2021
Fewer inbred Europeans taking up resources that should rightfully be going to the United States. Is this supposed to be a tragedy? Let them die.
"Hot guy summer burned itself out and winter's gonna be long, hard and dark, just like Mangindo who you're NOT gonna be fucking."
I am happy to watch it all burn, but don't badmouth poor Adolf sempai. He was a good dude.
Maine Coon cats are the most epic of all cats.
This half chubby Ryan wearing glasses and fixing a Minecraft server, little did everyone know he was a sick fuck.
We born, we cope, we die

Anne Hyroe

Ahm just stoopid yer honner
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Oct 1, 2020

"Were now at the stage, where the curtains match the drapes. My fupa looks like this"

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Not my screen shot. But I guess in Sammieland, Clarence got shotkilled. Even though he's currently in jail. And even though the only shooting deaths in central LR last night weren't Clarence. I wonder how she's going to spin this when she starts fucking him again in a few months?

"No, child, you did not fart in my wife's vagina"
- Actual quote from Patrick S Tomlinson
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Sleazy Car Salesman

Believe me when I say that I will take your money
May 27, 2021
The thing about alcohol is that it is easy to make, and once upon a time it would fuel your car, your furnace, your stove, and grandma. A very useful substance.
To be fair you need a high IQ to understand anime lesbians.
It's really irritating to look for good writing and get slapped in the face with a dick.
Thanks, I want to fucking die.

Local Fed

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Jun 6, 2020
There's one female trait that just about all troons have in common. They can't put up fucking shelves.

Chapter 1: My Childhood

“And then she took me to Disneyland and ate all my ice cream and left me in the care of a Justin Bieber tranny while she went to England to meet her johns with a squishing fetish.

“Please let me in, the US has become so anti-Semitic for some reason in 2024. I may not believe in God except in a literary sense and I hate everything that you stand for, but please look past my #FreePalestine retweets because my mother’s mother knew of people that survived the holocaust.”

Israel: “No.”

I tell you, if you go to any Denny's in Middle-earth around 2AM, you're pretty much guaranteed to see a couple of Orcs getting in a fight over typical Orc bullshit. Screeching, clawing, pulling out each other's weaves.

"She will never divorce you if she earnestly believes you are a schizophrenic and violent madman that has nothing to lose." - Confucian Proverb

While I hate the banking system, I hate being stabbed and raped randomly for no reason more.