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I am vomit

Why does man in dress name "chris chan" trend?
Mar 10, 2020
Mask the lady dick for two weeks to flatten the curve.

I was going to say offer him gay sex but just offering him dinner like the rest of you is probably more reasonable.

Imagine being in a polyamorous relationship with 5 stuffed animals... at that point, I'd neck myself out of necessity lmao

Tfw you're someone's drug-addled schizophrenic MLP waifu and you get cucked by a generic ass wolf.

How about you all suck eachother’s dicks and close this thread?

Autism seems to always escalate. Chris was once just a massive autist writing silly songs, too. Then he sliced open his taint thinking a vagina was hiding inside. Then he raped his mother.

Watching Destiny constantly flash her fat, pale body and waggle her fat tongue at, wetly kiss and hump ALR on camera the moment the slightest impulse hit her was absolutely revolting. Like some sort of animated buttergolem with no intelligence in her eyes engaged in a crude simulacrum of human sexuality.

For the sake of old ladies everywhere, I hope it's his penis.

What next of Kin? Crystal Weston chandler died in Chris's shriveled HRT tranny ball sack

Some people become weird horse girls and like to gallop for fun... and some people become emotionally attached to their epi pen and dissolve their bones.

There's nothing justifiable about wanting to bang a paw patrol dog

Aero the Alcoholic Bat

My Liver is Kill
Apr 6, 2022
Animals are known to be hostile to demon-possessed people, and demonic possession can (rarely) afflict nearly anyone. Man was given dominion over the beasts by God, but Satan was not. When a human is demonically possessed, they are acting as an agent of Satan, and thus lose that protection. This is one of many reasons why Satan uses poachers, pollution, etc. to destroy the natural world.


Improperly Terminated
Aug 8, 2021

@Osmosis Jones on Deep Thots:
Sometimes I think I'm a schizo that's losing it but I just read a few deep thoughts posts and I'm good again

Gas stations sell gas for the same reason Costco sells rotisserie chickens.
TIL abos huff rotisserie chickens

I am vomit

Why does man in dress name "chris chan" trend?
Mar 10, 2020
"listen these people dressed up as leather dogs and pissing in each other's mouths is one thing, but this guy is an annoying faggot".

those aren't just cum stains.

Sad, i'd still tap the muscle girl despite the tube tying.

They really brought the muscle girl back to be an reoccuring character just to sterilize her.

They don’t want Niggers to reproduce

Sleazy Car Salesman

Believe me when I say that I will take your money
May 27, 2021
I feel like a midwife.
that was incredibly panful to type with caps lock stuck on and only 1 shift key.
My dick has grown an elbow.

Time to inform reddit.
Prolly smells like a durian wrapped in Chantal Sarault's used Pennington panties.
If the dead can look upon us from some higher plane of existence Imagine being one of the 3000 dead people from 9/11 who years after their death have to see it being used in everything from memes to shit posts again and again for all eternity.
i’m here to deliver some islamic content.
Fuck that noise, man. I was just looking for friends with which to chat about video games, and I found myself smack dab in the middle of a dick measuring contest.