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Aug 7, 2017
From the recent jail letter.
they Sent Me Back to Jail, and Not Only Do Absolutely Nothing, But Abusive As Fuck with their Bondage/Sado-machoism chairs and arrogantly shit-minded with their patients (Don't even realize a simple Demon-Exorcism would have healed abcd, there, and helped zie to not pick at zie wound; Condescending Toxic Staff).

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Dec 22, 2018
…..I have no desire to blast your butt, OP but if I must than I shall blast like no man has blasted before.

Surfer thinks they are nanobots with vaccines in his yogurt.

Just a reminder that you cannot A-log a zoosadist. Not as in it isn't allowed, but as in it's literally impossible to unjustifiably despise a zoosadist.

i just begin talking about public transit being shit in america and josh just blows his fucking brains out with a shotgun
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Aug 8, 2021
Probably because you are a tiger and phones are designed for people fingers.


Campaign Promise:"If we put a straight, white man on the moon, then we can put one in my anus!"

The downside is that you'd be known as "That guy who put gay incest porn on his front lawn."

Kiwi Farms. We're not the hero gotham deserves, nor the one it really needs, but we'll bully the fuck out of a zoosadist.

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Oct 8, 2013
"He's had to go into hiding because being doxxed by KF means you're at massive risk of being murdered and/or raped. (KF even keeps a murder and rape count of all the people they've doxxed.)"