Careercow Randy Pitchford / DuvalMagic - Gearbox's magical fuck-up of a CEO, lost a USB drive full of porn.

Gustav Schuchardt

Trans exclusionary radical feminazi.
There are surgical procedures that would make Pickford less Randy.

However I don't want to be accused of A logging so I won't go into detail here.

Disclaimer : Please don't assault anyone because you read a post by some rando with a goblin avatar on a notorious troll forum. Kiwi Farms is filmed on location in your mother's basement; all lolcows are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
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I’ve not followed any of this Pitchford stuff so I’m coming in sorta new. But Gearbox?

What happened on Colonial Marines is what’s wrong with the industry. They posted pre-rendered material and tried to pass it off as gameplay. (A few years before that, the studio making Battlefront 3 for the PS3 pulled the same bait-and-switch - all that leaked footage is pre-rendered material but Lucasarts had the good sense to smell shit when they stepped in it). And then Gearbox did some really dumb stuff where they tried to re-neg on the movie Aliens source material by bringing back the marine that died in the third film?

(As to Duke Nukem Fuckever, it’s a perfectly fine discount bin game. Anyone who bought the $89 stupid as shit collectors edition is an idiot though.)

That said: the fact that this company pulled off two of the three highest profile fuckups in gaming in the last ten years (Mass Effect Andromeda being the “winner”) and still exists is amazing. But here we are saying the guy running it has a digital cache of squirt porn and it’s sorta like advanced math where I can see this shit adding up but it’s still a ways out of my reach.
What is the 3rd one?

So has anything actually concrete been unveiled involving randy and this supposed pedowood pizza party tier events he holds?
Even if the underage allegation is fake Randy already told the world he was so dedicated in figuring out if a "barely-legal" girl's squirting was a magic trick or not, he just had to pay for the vid and carry it on a USB to study it whenever possible.

Man, Randy sure is an idiot. I'm 100% convinced Borderland's success was pure luck.
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lil bitch

Intel™ Inside
i never knew this guy was considered a lolcow, never liked him though. his twitter fingers are uncontrollable. but shit, there's the child porn now, which made me go from "i don't like this guy" to "damn, i hope this guy kills himself" . i really didn't expect that. i mean, maybe i should have, with his track record, but i didn't. not a very good look for gearbox, i hope this guy goes down hard, and if borderlands 3 never comes out due to this i'm gonna be very very mad.

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