Horrorcow Randy Stair / Andrew Blaze / PioneersProductions & Ember's Ghost Squad (EGS) - Columbine fanboy who shot up a supermarket for his Ghost Waifu & A Rising Cult Left in his Wake


Got a few minor things to update here, 1 Naze and 1 Randy (holy shit, talk about a return from the grave).

Naze has broken his vow of silence and returned to twitter.


Now what's the news with Randy? Straight up profit. Someone on Amazon made an ebook about the attack and their take on Randy's mentality. I mean things are pretty clear. There's a bunch of vids about it:
-Metokur is a straight up decent summary
-MrGunk/FullySourced has a good one (only about a half hour in length)
-Mr. Daggers had an alright one on it
-You want a more scientific approach, Xelasoma has the Jungian analysis
-TWC3 has a legit like full length documentary which contains a large amount of the tapes (which explains the length)

Nearly everyone I listed above uses the vids. And there's a great reason to that, it shows more. You can gather more from someone you can hear or see, you can get more from their emotions and mental states as they speak to you. But we got this person on Amazon who while I'm sure they mention the tapes and use Randy's exact words from videos, tweets, and journal entries...it's been covered by a hell of a lot of others, and better at that...decided to make an ebook and sell it for $6.


Why mention this? I was curious to see the basic bitch "You're profiting off tragedy! Fuck you" kind of response...but instead was met with something much more grim.


If you know the thread and the story of Randy, one of the people killed in the shooting had the last name of Hayes. Now I can't confirm they're a relative, but I see no real point in claiming to be a victim in a shooting barely anyone knows about 2 years later. So implying they are who they say they are...that's fucking rough. The story of your family member's death for sale on Amazon for $6.

How'd I find it? Was curious to see comments on Randy's lesser commented pics out of pure curiosity. This was on the campfire pic:


A quick check on their DeviantArt shows this person is a well adjusted connoisseur of only the finest vore. God's dead, praise the Goddess.



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I actually addressed this book in the most recent script for an egs cult video I am working on, critiquing and pointing out how he just ripped off every other public source of randy data on the web. In my off time I found out some more about the guy, he runs an Instagram and YouTube linked below. Seems to have quite a hard on for the subject of Randy, wonder how that book is going for him. He made a shit ton of videos on EGS a few months ago as you can see by the channel.

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I actually addressed this book in the most recent script for an egs cult video I am working on, critiquing and pointing out how he just ripped off every other public source of randy data on the web.
Make sure you clip this. "The reason I decided to write that is because it's a mental case that should be brought into the light." (paraphased)

That is...the biggest load of shit i have ever heard. If it's a story to bring to light, make a video about it. Put in the effort others before you have done at this point in the dozens. There's a lot of content that's just gone, like Joy Sparkle's vid (I have the audio for that one, I'll add it here at some point). BasedShaman basically milked Randy for months until he realized having a "School Shooter Podcast" probably wasn't a good idea after Parkland. Also, if your goal is to bring it into the light...offer it for free. By adding a price tag you have made it a non necessity already. Yeah I'll give you the cash for it when I'm looking for coffee table books. "Let's bring this into the light..." That's a call to do 1 of 2 things and we'll see where Assbandit Keith here wants to go.

1.) Open a dialog about mental illness and try to make people more aware of the signs and symptoms that can lead someone to doing these actions.
2.) Bring back Randy Stair and try to immortalize him because no one gives a fuck about him anymore.

I love the guy's intro vid. "I'm a writer". Want to tell us what you write? Gonna clue us into the vore literotica or do you just want to be known as the guys who wants a Columbiner cash grab? If you look into his other vids, fucking 16 minutes to review a Taco Bell drink. Yeah I'd legit rather watch Joey's World Tour and nearly vomit from the closeups.
veradin slush.png

Also, something I'd like to bring up because I noticed it very recently...I have a possible theory on Naze vs the police. In one of my posts I have 2 tweets...


They're about a month apart. I really do wonder if they suspected him of arson if this event happened. I mean it's pretty fucking weird your workplace catches on fire a month after you say it should be burned down. I'm sure it's just a coincidence. This saint of a person who idolizes spree killers could be an arsonist? I must be crazy.


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@WeisGuy Arsonists are vengeful people.

Aside from quick economic gain or vandalism, vendetta is one of the most common causes behind a fire. Few of them are real pyromaniacs medically speaking though. Racially white and young, medium to high intelligence and poor social skills; that's the most common profile. An abusive childhood is a classic, although not all arsonists necessarily wet their beds or abuse little animals. Intelligence levels vary in this kind of criminals, although I'm inclined to say that Naze might have mild or very mild mental exceptionalism, but not to the point of being legit Down syndrome, somewhat around 90IQ, but not literally Christier. It's relatively difficult to arrest an arsonist for obvious reasons, because most of the evidence is destroyed during the fire. I also think that he or she doesn't count as "serial arsonist" either, since revenge-related fires aren't really part of a bigger list of fires most times. There's comorbidity with alcoholism and drug addiction to a certain extent, apparently. Finland seems a depressing country where people may have vodka constantly, although I'm not a professional criminologist here, just an amateur with a thing for the criminal mind, call it a hobby, but I like criminal psychology. So I don't really know if Nordic people tend to become sadder and drunker than most Europeans, but that may be one of the many involved factors behind the attack. It's a bit of a cliché, but I wouldn't be very surprised. Aren't suicide rates relatively high in this sort of countries? Lack of proper sun light most of the year can make sensitive people insane.

He didn't have any weapons, but it seems that he or she still wanted to give a big "Fuck you" to his boss and workplace by alternative means. There's also the copycat factor involved since Randy attacked his workplace too, but the thing is, the co-workers didn't die in the fire as long as I know, so his mind probably targeted the building itself rather than the people inside. It's about what the place where he worked represented to him rather than the body count itself. If you don't even have ammo, and you're not even an experienced shooter, you may want to think laterally and still vent your frustrations with a different target, by different means: like a warehouse rather than normal people. Pyromaniacs who are legit crazy may get literal sexual enjoyment out of it, but those are the minority. Pyromaniacs and arsonist aren't exactly the same. A pyromaniac loves fire and sees fire as an end in itself, whereas an arsonist just sees fire as a tool to achieve something that goes beyond the fire itself. The pyromaniac is more impulsive, he just cannot help himself. An arsonist, on the contrary, calculates and plans what he's doing, they're completely different. This person looks a bit bipolar or even borderline, perhaps, but not completely schizophrenic like Randy, although he or she may still have certain schizophrenic traits rather than the whole diagnose. I have the personal impression that he's slightly less crazy than Randy Stair, who was clearly psychotic. There are three main types of shooters: the traumatized one, the antisocial one (sociopaths) and the psychotic one. Randy was mostly psychotic, although his profile was somehow a combination of the three. A psychotic person is someone who just cannot tell what's real from not real, these shooters are relatively rare.

There's also the element of reincarnation in a fire. Fire can destroy, but it also purifies symbolically. It's like being born anew. Burning your old workplace means "I'm done with being a male with a normie job like everyone else, now I'll become whoever I wanna become like a Phoenix bird." It really is the Greek Neopagan myth of the Phoenix rising from his own ashes, so inevitably ingrained within the white European collective subconscious, without us noticing how our own European folklore affect us more often than what we want to admit. Naze's fire really is like the moth from The Silence of the Lambs: a crave for being re-born with a new body and soul, something a transexual would probably want. Didn't Randy want to make his or her own supermarket explode in a big fire, and not just killing people? It's the typical copycat, without a doubt. Exhibit A. In reality, both looked for reincarnation through fire, for ritual purification, like a Buddhist monk setting himself ablaze to protest.

So this is not like the UpStair Lounge arson attack, where the intention was to kill as many as possible because the guy was just butthurt he got kicked out. Is it possible that Naze felt a shred of compassion for his or her co-workers before destroying the warehouse? Did he wait until everyone else was out to start the fire so he didn't get caught, or did he really want to avoid harming them? He probably had a bad relationship with his or her boss, but I don't really imagine Naze having a problem with his or her co-workers. So he let them out, and he doesn't block the doors. I'm pretty sure that, if he or she had had a gun, perhaps he had been more prone to suicide without killing other people than Randy. When you don't have a gun, the most effective way to end your life without ammo is jumping off a building. He's going to jump. Call it the intuition of the detective, but jumping tends to be more effective than poisoning by meds, since the pills are just involuntarily vomited many times, and the attempt clearly fails, although Naze may try pills mixed with alcohol first. Who knows? Expect a serious suicide attempt after this fire, since he or she is now happy that he or she made it to the local news at least.

Another thing to consider, is this arson terrorism-related? A way to make the EGS more known through the news? I say again that the main reason was vendetta, but since he or she belongs to a bigger cult or subculture, I'm inclined to say that there's a secondary element of terrorism here, although eclipsed by the vendetta itself, a small rebellion against social rules. There was no attempt to run over his or her co-workers with a car or something else, so he probably doesn't care much about them emotionally or socially speaking. It really is hatred for the job itself, rather than the other people working there. Roger Nunez had more murderous intentions, but arson isn't necessarily a lethal type of crime. Naze normally complained about his or her own workplace, but not his or her boss. Still fame-driven, but less hate-filled than Randy. Maybe because Naze endured less bullying? I'd like to know more about this person from on. Naze is a weirdo, but you'd be surprised to find out how normal and socially functional real arsonists can look on the outside, they're relatively difficult to detect in time. I was reading about the mind of the arsonist these days, so that's why WeisGuy's post caught my interest.

On mass shooters I may recommend The Myth of Martyrdom by Adam Lankford, or even books from your local College library.

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